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The PlayStation Easter sale runs from today until the end of April. PlayStation Easter sale kicks off today The prehistoric Megalodon features in the game's 'Naval Strike' expansion. Battlefield 4 shark Easter egg revealed Battlefield 4's 'Naval Strike' DLC is out now for premium members. Battlefield 4 'Naval Strike' DLC dated The PC version of the expansion is still delayed until early April. Battlefield 4 DLC rolls out to Xbox One Battlefield 4's 'Naval Strike' DLC is experiencing animation issues on Xbox One. Battlefield 4 DLC delayed on Xbox One The Battlefield 4 developer detected an issue with the PC version of the DLC. Battlefield 4 DLC delayed on PC Battlefield 4's 'Naval Strike' DLC adds four new maps and more. Battlefield 4 DLC for March launch - video The first-person shooter's expansion pack contains four maps from Battlefield 3. Battlefield 4 'Second Assault' arrives next week Battlefield 4 continues to receive patches on all platforms. Battlefield 4 patch fixes Xbox save issue A player is dared to detonate a bridge so cables strike a fighter plane in midair. Battlefield 4 'whiplash challenge' video The update aims to fix multiple issues with the PC version of the first-person shooter. Battlefield 4 PC patch out now Battlefield 4's double XP event will be held at a later date. Battlefield 4 double XP event delayed DICE confirms the issues are prevalent across multiple platforms. Battlefield 4 online issues continue The EA shooter has been branded "an aggressive attack" on Chinese culture. Battlefield 4 'banned in China' Criterion Games is also linked with EA's upcoming military shooter. Battlefield spinoff in works at Visceral? EA decides to focus efforts on fixing issues with the current game. Battlefield 4 expansions put on hold Battlefield 4's 'China Rising' DLC is out now for Premium members. Battlefield 4 DLC causing server issues Battlefield 4's 'China Rising' DLC is out now for Premium members. Battlefield 4 'China Rising' launch video Battlefield 4's latest patch is undergoing additional testing on PS4. Battlefield 4 one-hit kill patch delayed The update will rectify the one-hit kill glitch and introduce various bug fixes. Battlefield 4 patch due for PC next week Battlefield 4 users on Xbox One are experiencing problems downloading DLC. Battlefield 4: EA investigating DLC issues DICE introduces the promotion to apologise for the game's launch issues. Battlefield 4 double XP event announced Battlefield 4 'Second Assault' is a timed Xbox One exclusive. Battlefield 4 Second Assault launch video Stunning visuals and impressive multiplayer don't quiet eclipse a shallow campaign. Battlefield 4 review: 'Shallow campaign' The Battlefield 4 developer is currently investigating a series of bugs. Battlefield 4 bugs acknowledged by DICE The timed Xbox One-exclusive will contain four maps from Battlefield 3. 'Battlefield 4' DLC maps revealed Sony's console "offers a superior experience on several fronts" compared to Xbox One. Battlefield 4 'runs better on PS4' Battlefield 4 excels in multiplayer, but question marks remain in single-player. 'Battlefield 4' review round-up The Battlefield 4 story begins with the evacuation of Americans from Shanghai. Battlefield 4 single-player story trailer Battlefield 4 launches on October 29 in North America and November 1 in Europe. Battlefield 4 TV advert released - watch Battlefield 4 will ship on two discs for Xbox 360. Battlefield: 14GB recommended Xbox install The Battlefield 4 open beta receives its third playable game mode. Battlefield 4 adds new game mode to beta Battlefield 4 users will be rewarded for finding collectibles and more. 'Battlefield 4' Achievements posted online Battlefield 4's 'Siege of Shanghai' map is demonstrated on the Xbox 360. Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 gameplay trailer Battlefield 4's open beta includes two game modes on one map. 'Battlefield 4' open beta out now Battlefield Bad Company could return after Mirror's Edge 2 and Battlefront. Battlefield Bad Company to make return The Battlefield 4 beta will begin next week. Battlefield 4 multiplayer modes detailed Battlefield 4 executive producer Patrick Bach reveals plans for Xbox One. Battlefield 4 Kinect, SmartGlass confirmed Battlefield 4 features ten multiplayer maps and seven game modes. Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay trailer EA says three of its titles will be on sale on Xbox One and PS4 ahead of launch. 'Battlefield 4' open beta release date