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Top Story Resogun confirmed for PlayStation Vita release The Vita port will be developed by Climax Studios in the UK. Resogun
Rumours of its cancellation have been circulating since 2012. Prey 2 officially cancelled by Bethesda myClub lets users put together teams by signing agents and managers. PES 2015's new game modes explored in video The console version of the fighter launches a week earlier than planned in Europe. Super Smash Bros for Wii U gets new date The firm sells 800,000 PS3 consoles during the same period. Sony ships 3.3m PS4s in latest quarter Nix is an underwater puzzle game inspired by Fonthill Abbey in Wiltshire. VR title wins British Library competition Red Faction: Guerrilla also joins Games with Gold in November. What's free on Games with Gold in November? The non-wearable device can be placed by the side of a user's bed. Nintendo unveils Quality of Life product 11 bit Studios unveils the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming title. This War of Mine dated, gets new trailer The 2014 Steam Halloween Sale offers consumers savings of up to 90%. Steam Halloween Sale now live Sony delays the launch of the PS Plus version of the game 'until further notice'. Driveclub on PS Plus delayed indefinitely Ben There, Dan That! studio Size Five Games unveils its new steampunk game. Swindle revealed by Ben There, Dan That maker A new trailer for the upcoming shooter looks at its new multiplayer battle mode. Far Cry 4 details 'Battles of Kyrat' mode The live-action trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare features Taylor Kitsch. Call of Duty gets Taylor Kitsch live trailer Arno is seen shooting down planes in the gameplay video. Assassin's Creed Unity features WWII sections The latest teaser references "squids in the Wolfswood" and "flayed men". Telltale's Game of Thrones given new teaser The Tropes vs Women author believes that GamerGate isn't about ethics in journalism. Anita Sarkeesian appears on Colbert Report The game is described as a close match with the Android version. San Andreas on Xbox 360 is a mobile port Users will soon be able to download pre-ordered games ready for launch. Wii U and 3DS introduce pre-downloading John Spinello's friends hope to raise $25,000 for oral surgery in the US. Operation inventor needs operation money The game contains 5-v-5 and 8-v-8 multiplayer across modes such as 'Objective'. Dirty Bomb re-revealed by Splash Damage Studio head Nancy Tellem and Jordan Levin leave the company. Xbox Entertainment officially closed Sony is aware of issues with 'Rest mode' and YouTube uploads. PS4 users experiencing issues with update Watch the retired professional boxer play the NES classic. Mike Tyson fights himself in Punch-Out!! The stealth-platforming game debuts later today via the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Stealth Inc 2 launch trailer unveiled The upcoming bundle is set to launch next month on Xbox 360 and PS3. BioShock Infinite Complete Edition dated Redditmade allows users to pledge to community-created projects. Reddit creates Kickstarter competitor Ubisoft announces when the second closed beta for the game will take place. The Crew second closed beta announced Iwata had surgery to remove a bile duct growth back in June. Satoru Iwata returns to work after surgery The game which sees players play an immigration officer is crowned winner at GameCity. Papers, Please wins the GameCity Prize Frozen Synapse Prime, Escape Plan and Binding of Isaac: Rebirth are also free. What are November's free PS Plus games? Bungie's Harold Ryan teases a faster, more loot-driven storytelling style. Destiny to present story differently in DLC The Dark Below will be available to download on December 9. Destiny expansion release for December Players will be able to integrate community levels into the game's pre-existing story. How community levels make Volume replayable The game will be available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One from March 2015. Watch new Final Fantasy game trailer Battlefield developer DICE announces details of its upcoming shooter. Star Wars Battlefront for late 2015 Gaming giant on course to report its first annual profit in four years. Nintendo reports surprise quarterly profit Developer Techland's zombie game is no longer a cross-generation offering. Dying Light goes current-generation only Sports Interactive says the Sony handheld is unlikely to see a new instalment. Football Manager Vita return is unlikely Judge dismisses lawsuit from a former dictator against the Call of Duty maker. Lawsuit against Activision dismissed EA announces when its upcoming first-person shooter will be released. Battlefield Hardline gets release date