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Top Story Naughty Dog explains why it's not working on a new Crash Bandicoot The developer says a new Crash Bandicoot game is 'never off the table'. Crash Bandicoot
From Software releases the first chapter in its 'The Lost Crowns' DLC trilogy. Dark Souls 2 'Crown of Sunken King' out now Blizzard opens the first wing to the new single-player expansion. Hearthstone 'Curse of Naxxramas' out now The extended trailer looks at the online game's champions in a new light. Watch new trailer for League of Legends More PSone mock-ups appear after the recent Last of Us makeover. How would BioShock, Dota 2 look on PSone? Codemasters also details its imminent multiplayer playlists update. GRID Autosport adds 'Best of British' DLC Pre-ordering the game ahead of release shaves 10% off the original asking price. Watch the Gods Will be Watching launch video The imminent PlayStation 4 update improves system stability. New PS4 system update coming soon Marty O'Donnell filed the lawsuit against Bungie over unpaid benefits. Halo composer wins $95k in Bungie lawsuit Nvidia has another go at launching a gaming-focussed tablet. Nvidia Shield tablet and controller launched UK pirates will be educated rather than punished under a new scheme. Online piracy punishments dropped in UK Watch Cosmo Wright finish the game in less than 20 minutes. Ocarina of Time fan sets speedrun record Attendees can enter the custom Xbox One competition by tweeting their favourite. Custom Xbox One consoles for Comic-Con Wii U users can now transfer save files, downloaded content, profiles and more. Wii U update enables data transfer The handheld version of the puzzle game includes an exclusive challenge mode. Tetris Ultimate confirmed for 3DS The final version of the shooter will run at 1080p on Microsoft's latest console. Watch Destiny footage in 1080p on Xbox One Three more classic Mega Man titles arrive this week on the Nintendo eShop. Three Mega Man classics coming to Wii U The upcoming event will celebrate the artistry behind the 2013 blockbuster game. Last of Us live performance announced Twitter users react to the sports network's coverage of the Dota 2 championships. ESPN viewers react to Dota 2 coverage Fans are asked to gauge their excitement for a next-gen release of Rock Band. Rock Band survey hints at next-gen return Listings for the ports appear on the Korean Game Rating Board's website. The Unfinished Swan rated for PS4, Vita Players will be able to explore the entirety of the game's open-world map. The Crew trailer looks at beta content Premium members will reportedly receive early access to new content. The Sims 4 to contain premium membership? Circuit, Point-to-Point and Street racing are all listed for the upcoming racer. Ratings board reveals Forza Horizon 2 modes A number of PS4 users appear to have received the game early. Last of Us Remastered needs 50GB HDD space Units sold are down by 10% at retail, while the market value falls by 14%. Watch Dogs celebrates 5 weeks atop chart The PS3 and Xbox 360 can't keep up with their successors, according to Bungie. Cross-platform Destiny 'wouldn't be fair' Bethesda's Pete Hines says that the game wouldn't normally be shown this early. Doom for full public unveiling in 2015 The download adds new gameplay features as part of Titanfall's fourth update. Titanfall Xbox 360 update due tomorrow The game's box art is revealed during a Seattle Sounders match against Spurs. FIFA 15: Dempsey on North American cover A mocked-up screenshot and box art of a PSone edition of the game appear online. How would The Last of Us look on PS1? Princess Zelda takes out a horde of foes using only a conductor's baton. Watch Zelda in new Hyrule Warriors clip Russian broadcaster uses a screenshot from the game in a report on child soldiers. Metal Gear Solid image used in news report Report suggests the ZeniMax Online title performed well since its April debut. Elder Scrolls Online 'hits 775k players' Apple will follow its own strategy, despite criticism from the European Commission. Google to stop calling freemium games 'free' Dan Abnett comes on board for Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon. Guardians writer pens tie-in mobile game Sales of the Wii U racing game have exceeded 885,000 units in the US alone. Mario Kart 8 helps boost Wii U sales Sony showcases the PS4 version of the first-person shooter's beta. Destiny beta showcases 'amazing' sights Sony's console was the best-selling system of the US last month. PS4 outsells Xbox One in June in US Microsoft details the contents within the forthcoming Xbox One system update. Xbox One August update previewed in video The video also previews ten-man celebrations, emotional animations and more. FIFA 15 trailer shows 'Emotion & Intensity'