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Top Story 3D Fantasy Zone II arrives on Nintendo 3DS eShop The enhanced game introduces easier-to-see bullets for players. Fantasy Zone screenshot
Mojang 'highly recommends' that players download and install the new patch. Minecraft patch fixes security issues The game contains a total of 10 guns that all promise one-hit kills. Screencheat 'second-person' shooter for PS4 The update implements a retro chiptunes soundtrack into the game. Citizens of Earth releases new patch Rockstar releases list of patch notes for the PC game's 1.01 update. GTA 5 on PC gets first patch A retail image for the game also suggests additions of Scooby Doo and more. Portal, Ghostbusters for LEGO Dimensions The third episode in the narrative-driven adventure will be available in May. New Life is Strange for next month Bearzly has previously beaten Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 using a Rock Band guitar. Bloodborne bested with Rock Band controller High-performing players can control Boba Fett and Darth Vader in 40-player matches. Star Wars Battlefront set in original trilogy Newest update for Capcom's fighting game will be available digitally next month. Ultra Street Fighter 4 dated for PS4 Phil Harrison decides to pursue business interests outside of Microsoft. Phil Harrison departs Xbox team Our hands-on video looks at what's new in Destiny's April update and upcoming DLC. A closer look at Destiny's new update Price cuts and bundles have given both consoles a recent boost. Xbox One, PS4 sales top 300k in UK this year All 4 Games will launch this Summer in Glasgow. Channel 4 to publish mobile games Amazing app, in short try merchant. Real-life Dark Souls messaging app is out now The final track list is also unveiled by developer Slightly Mad Studios. Project Cars finishes development Bethesda confirms the return of the previously rumoured 'Nazi Zombies' mode. Wolfenstein will launch at retail on Xbox One Priced at £44.99 ($59.99), users can download the 25GB game ready for launch. Witcher 3 available to pre-load on Xbox One The game is played using multi-directional treadmill and a virtual reality headset. Watch GTA 5 being played on a treadmill Top-down shooter Spartan Strike is set during the events of Halo 2. Halo: Spartan Strike out now on PC, mobile The Chinese Room's upcoming PS4 exclusive is set to launch this summer. Everybody's Gone to Rapture gets new trailer Wii U exclusive Mario Party 10 sold about 290,000 units in its first two weeks. 3DS, Wii U hardware sales up 60% in US The reveal trailer for the upcoming game will be released later today. Star Wars Battlefront dated, first images Capybara Games' side-scrolling game will soon make its PS4 and PS Vita debut. Journey character for Super Time Force PS4 The game features a soundtrack arranged by Final Fantasy composer Hidenori Iwasaki. Masters of the Masks out now on mobile The roguelike has been available on Steam Early Access since last July. Crypt of NecroDancer full launch next week Series co-creator tells fans that the launch has exceeded expectations. Mortal Kombat X enjoys biggest launch The spy game will be centred around answering real-time notifications from a secret agent. Surgeon Sim team making Apple Watch spy game A dual-GPU is most definitely required for GTA 5 at 4K. What does it take to run GTA 5 at 4K? We discuss the twists and turns in Telltale's third episode 'A Sword in the Darkness'. Watch our Game of Thrones game spoilercast The role-playing game is launching next month for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt finishes development The game contains three match types, authentic entrances and a career mode. WWE 2K mobile simulation hits iOS, Android Unlike the previous game, all encounters can be approached using stealth. New Deus Ex features stealthable boss fights The remaster of the award-winning PS3 game will be available both digitally and at retail. Journey coming to PS4 this summer Today (April 16) also marks the beginning of International StreetPass Week. StreetPass Fishing and Zombie games hit 3DS Skyrim previously held the record with 280,000 concurrent users. GTA 5 sets new player record on Steam It is believed the 2002 role-playing game will launch as part of the PS2 Classics range. Is Suikoden 3 being re-released on PSN? Sony's console will operate at a higher frame rate of 1080p, compared to 900p on Xbox One. F1 2015 runs at a higher resolution on PS4 It is believed the cost of operating out of Australia was partly responsible for the closure. 2K Australia closes its doors The racing game is scheduled to launch next month for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Project Cars gets new release date, trailer Renegade Kid's next entry in its platforming series will debut later this year. Mutant Mudds Super gets launch month