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Top Story Super Smash Bros announcer sings Pokemon theme Voice actor Xander Mobus sings a portion of the original Pokemon theme. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y: Jigglypuff
Baywatch star talks to Digital Spy about his brand new app. The Hoff launches iPhone zombie game Earn double experience and in-game cash by playing throwback playlists. GTA Online holding San Andreas event The PS4 and Vita versions will be available as cross-buy releases. Unfinished Swan coming soon to PS4, Vita Follow the adventures of Clarice Starling, Hannibal Lecter and 'Buffalo Bill'. Silence of the Lambs gets 8-bit makeover The fighting game will be released on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. New Dead or Alive 5 dated for Europe The series will explore "some of the franchise's most storied characters". Mortal Kombat for new live action series Containing all post-release DLC, the Game of the Year Edition debuts in November. Last of Us: Game of the Year Edition for PS3 The studio still has some work to do before the game hits new platforms. Oddworld issues updates on non-PS4 versions The upcoming game includes Search and Destroy, Search and Rescue, Uplink and more. Advanced Warfare reveals multiplayer modes The judge believes EA's pre-release boasts were "puffery" and not misleading. Battlefield 4 lawsuit dismissed by judge The feature is more "technically challenging" than Microsoft first thought. Xbox One screenshot capture coming in 2015 The shooter's eighth update introduces a new co-op mode, ranked play and more. Titanfall major update adds new features Downloadable content featuring the protagonist of John Wick arrives for the game. Payday 2 adds John Wick downloadable content New British studio Edge Case Games reveals its debut game Fractured Space. Strike Suit Zero creators reveal new game Unity Technologies appoints the former CEO of Electronic Arts. Former EA CEO Riccitiello becomes Unity CEO The Sunset Overdrive font is available to the public free of charge. Sony uses Sunset Overdrive font in sale ad EA Sports is also planning a PS4 demo of the basketball simulation. Play 6 hours of NBA Live 15 with EA Access Join Digital Spy as we play the horror game live. Watch us play 40 minutes of Evil Within A leaked Achievements list suggests the game will launch on Xbox 360. GTA: San Andreas to get HD re-release? Tech trader is first retailer with major high-street presence to accept Bitcoin. CeX trading in Bitcoin at 32 UK stores Users will soon be able to transfer saves and achievements between the two platforms. Dark Souls confirms PC to Steam transfers With more than 500 hours of gameplay, the title will be free in Europe and the US. Binding of Isaac will be free on PS Plus Return of the Obra Dinn comes from award-winning indie developer Lucas Pope. Papers, Please creator new game playable Watch a DLC trailer for the track that debuted in 2003's Double Dash. Yoshi Circuit coming to Mario Kart 8 DLC Mike Maulbeck became frustrated with Steam and posted the 'sarcastic' message. Indie dev sorry for Gabe Newell death threat Both seasons of The Walking Dead were scheduled for October 24. Telltale's Walking Dead delayed in Europe Pro players are impressed by the game's increased speed and mobility options. What do pros think of Advanced Warfare? The latest entry in the popular dance game franchise launches in North America. Just Dance 2015 launch trailer released Aspyr confirms when the strategy game will arrive on Mac and Linux platforms. Civilization: Beyond Earth gets launch window Blizzard reveals the launch window of the Android tablet version of the game. Hearthstone for Android tablets this year The Pokemon Company unleashes Camp Pokemon as a free app for iOS devices. Camp Pokemon launches via the App Store Nintendo confirms the newly-released action game will support amiibo figurines. Hyrule Warriors to support amiibo Link Co-creator Davey Wreden expresses gratitude for the success of the 2013 indie game. Stanley Parable shifts 1 million copies Bayonetta 2 features a host of unlockable Nintendo-themed costumes. See Bayonetta as Samus Aran in new trailer 'Corporate Lockdown' is the first of five Survivor mode DLC packs. Alien Isolation's first DLC pack revealed 3DS exclusive The Lost Valley was first announced at E3 this year. Harvest Moon 3DS coming in early 2015 The fighting game sequel is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next month. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax dated for Europe The patch is out now on PS4 and PC, and coming soon to Xbox One. Shooting, goalkeepers improved in FIFA patch The first side-scrolling spinoff is available to Unity season pass holders. Expect more Assassin's Creed 2D spinoffs The app largely focuses on 'Clan Wars' management. Advanced Warfare companion app announced