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Top Story Resident Evil Origins Collection shuffling on to PS4, Xbox One and PC next January Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil HD together as one. Resident Evil Zero screenshot
Thrilling fun or a shallow adventure? Critics offer their opinion on Mad Max. Critics mixed on the Mad Max video game Madden NFL 16 and Dishonored: Definitive also make the top ten. Gears of War beats Until Dawn in charts The Xbox One and PS4 re-release contains additional levels and costumes. Deadpool is coming to PS4 and Xbox One It features a 10-inch Ryu statue, a 48-page hardcover art book and more. Street Fighter 5 gets collector's edition Series co-creator Ed Boon suggests a major announcement is coming this week. Mortal Kombat X teases 'big' news soon A special Animal Crossing bundle featuring the handheld launches this September. Smaller New 3DS confirmed for North America The Inquisition is needed once more to stop a new threat in the 'Trespasser' add-on. When does Dragon Age Inquisition get new DLC? Developer confirms the 'Heart of Stone' add-on is on track to debut in October. Witcher 3's first expansion is 'almost ready' Fans will be able to purchase special-edition versions of the upcoming PS4 game. Uncharted 4 release date revealed The release date will be announced at a "special event" next March. Final Fantasy XV is definitely out in 2016 Fans can secure an even earlier launch by pre-ordering the game. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided given launch date Destiny's The Taken King expansion Taken King's Raid not available at launch Popular gamer PewDiePie drops out of top five most watched, although he's still got the most subscribers. Diamond Minecart is July's top YouTube channel Well, if the set-top box comes with the rumoured motion controller, count us in. Why Apple TV 2 can rival Nintendo's Wii The Odd Gentlemen says the second chapter was inspired by King's Quest 3. King's Quest: Episode 2 arrives this year The base game can be yours for free, but the upcoming expansion will still cost you. Guild Wars 2 is now free to download The beta is also open to everyone on PC and the level cap has been raised to 40. Black Ops 3 beta open for all on Xbox One Story Mode is the first Telltale game with customisable characters. Telltale's Minecraft has character editing Techland's fully-licensed BSI Speedway game will be speeding onto shelves later this year. Dying Light studio unveils Speedway game Previous-generation version of the game suffers a fatality. Mortal Kombat X on PS3, Xbox 360 kancelled Over 70 themed skins are now available for the PlayStation versions of the game. Star Wars comes to Minecraft on PlayStation A Transformers-themed Splatfest in-game event is underway in North America. Splatoon expands with two new weapons Pre-purchasing options for the game's upcoming add-on are available now. When is Guild Wars 2's first expansion out? Activision says millions of PS4 players downloaded and participated in the beta. Black Ops 3 becomes PS4's largest beta Firaxis Games' upcoming sequel was originally scheduled to launch this November. XCOM 2 gets delayed to February 2016 Pac-Man is also invading developer Hipster Whale's Crossy Road game. Pac-Man 256 hits five million downloads No-one say the words "Mad" or "Max", okay? Borderlands game set for film adaptation See first gameplay of the anti-gravity shooter by Cliff Bleszinski for release in 2016. Watch Gears of War creator's new game Sony said archiving was "unintentionally disabled" upon the PS4 horror game's release. Until Dawn not purposely blocked on Twitch First reviews praise the new Star Wars campaign in this year's toys-to-life adventure. Critics praise new Star Wars Disney Infinity Valve has a two-phase launch plan for the virtual reality device. You may be able to get a HTC Vive in 2015 The figurine is the first indie game to get its own interactive figurine. Indie game Shovel Knight gets its own amiibo The demo lets players explore the Slums area and offers three hours of content. Dying Light demo is finally available The war-themed game will make its PS4 debut as This War of Mine: The Little Ones. This War of Mine is coming to PS4 The headset consists of an over-ear design, a removable boom mic and 50mm speakers. Star Wars Battlefront headset out this year GTA 5's Trevor and Pokemon's Ash Ketchum both want to be the very best. Pokemon gets recreated in GTA 5 The fighter has the ability to dazzle opponents with a variety of high-flying moves. R Mika joins the Street Fighter 5 roster Free September preview teases full squad of footie upgrades. Play as women's teams in FIFA 16 demo Not your regular kind of hoodie. Fassbender in Assassin's Creed: First look And you won't have to wait that long at all. Year Walk gets a release date for Wii U