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Top Story OlliOlli 2 adds four-way multiplayer update on PS4 Developer Roll7 introduces four new modes across all in-game worlds and spots. OlliOlli 2 adds a new combo system, art style and multiplayer
Xbox One users can get Massive Chalice and Pool Nation FX free for a limited time. What's free on Xbox Games with Gold in June? Doctor Who fans will do well to visit the church near Lindenvale. Don't blink: Witcher 3 channels Doctor Who Twitch makes the announcement days before the release of Hatred. Twitch bans streaming of adults-only games Wii U users can watch BBC programming through the GamePad. BBC iPlayer finally arrives on Wii U Carbine is keen on maintaining the game's triple-A status, and will provide regular updates. Wildstar is going free-to-play this autumn This year's football game will add international women for the very first time. Women's teams are coming to FIFA 16 Though there are fewer available, Rocksteady says you should expect a tougher challenge. Batman Arkham Knight has fewer Riddler Trophies The game is said to contain five ways to play: Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw. Need for Speed launching this November? A new headphone jack will only be available on controllers released after June. Is the Xbox One getting a new controller? The PS4 brawler experiences glitches, input lag, menu slowdown and invisible Sonic Booms. Capcom pulls PS4 Street Fighter 4 from tour Screentendo app makes a playable Super Mario Bros level out of your screen. Turn PC desktops into playable Mario levels Spin-off Lara Croft: Relic Run is canonical and leans on Lara's old adventures just enough. How is the endless runner a Tomb Raider game? The latest update for the PS4 exclusive includes changes to game balance and more. New major Bloodborne update goes live The Pokemon Company commemorates the milestone with a new stage featuring Shaymin. Pokemon Shuffle celebrates 4m downloads The PS4 version of the game offers exclusive skins, missions and more. Arkham Knight trailer shows off PS4 content The latest version of Metalhead Software's sports sim will be available this summer. Super Mega Baseball coming to Xbox One, PC Sony executive says the firm is placing a greater emphasis on third-party support. Sony's first-party lineup "a little sparse" Got money to burn? A premium edition is also available for £65,000. Star Wars arcade game is yours for £24k See your favourite first-person shooter games as you've never seen them before. Skyrim and BioShock get a LEGO makeover GAME customers will have to settle for a regular edition and a £10 discount. Splatoon shipment hijacked by thieves Skulls of the Shogun and Call of Juarez are also free to PS Plus members. What are June's free PS Plus games? It looks like the fighting game might not make its last-gen debut until autumn. Mortal Kombat X may be delayed on 360, PS3 Join us for an hour's playthrough of Paradox's fantasy sequel. Rewatch our Magicka 2 livestream Slightly Mad hasn't ruled out switching to Nintendo's new console. Project Cars is only a 'maybe' on Wii U An Amazon listing and convincing box art suggests the re-release is imminent. Is Darksiders 2 coming soon to PS4? Oculus VR buys a 3D mapping firm to turn the real world into a video game. Oculus Rift just got even more immersive Visit Parliament and the Kremlin in Advanced Warfare's Supremacy DLC. Bruce Campbell coming to Call of Duty The 8.1GB download is coming to early adopters on May 29. Halo 3: ODST hits Halo Collection this week The game is in development for Xbox One, PC, PS4, PS3 and Wii U. Worm Run studio reveals Extreme Exorcism Newly-announced dates include performances in both North America and Europe. Zelda Symphony reveals new tour dates Offerings include Guacamelee!, OlliOlli, Stealth Inc 2 and more. Humble launches 3DS and Wii U Bundle The mode pits monster and hunters in close quarters in a best-of-three match. Evolve adds new Arena mode via free update The game on PC will be published under the Double Fine label. Double Fine regains rights to Iron Brigade The programme delivers development updates from Square Enix director Hajime Tabata. Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report on June 4 Arrow and Prison Break star Peter Stormare joins the cast. Until Dawn given August launch date on PS4 "ADVENT Cities are a fresh start. Join us and help us build a brighter future today." What is Advent? 2K teases new sci-fi game Visionary gamer Raz has crafted an amazing, working Game Boy XXL with a 19" screen. Fancy a play on the Game Boy XXL? It outperforms previous biggest-seller Battlefield Hardline by 53%. The Witcher 3 is the year's biggest launch Formerly a Nintendo exclusive, Resident Evil Zero will now go multiformat. Resident Evil Zero remake coming in 2016 One theme displays the current group of eight Pokemon that can evolve from Eevee. New Pokemon themes coming soon to 3DS