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'Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour' pre-order bonuses announced

'Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor' screenshot

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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour's pre-order bonuses have been announced by Capcom.

Three exclusive armour skins will be available to users to pre-orders through specific retailers.

In North America pre-orders through Amazon.com will receive the Carbon Assassin Armory, Best Buy will offer the Chrome Blitzer Armory and GameStop will give the Iron Guardian Armory.

Video: 'Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour' - Carbon Assassin Armory' trailer:

The Chrome Blitzer Armory gives users access to the Savannah Armour, featuring high-speed bullet velocity, and the Storm Armour, featuring increased shooting range.

The Chrome Blitzer Armory grants access to the Impact Armour with increased turning speeds, and the Tiger Armour with increased destructive power.

Video: 'Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour' - Chrome Blitzer Armory' trailer:

Finally, the Guardian Armory includes the Rock Armour with reinforced defensive power, and the Jaguar Armour with accelerated travel speed.

European retailers have not been announced yet for the pre-order bonuses.

It was recently revealed that the game will feature a four-player online co-operative mode.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour will release exclusively on Xbox 360 on June 19 in North America and on June 22 across Europe.

Video: 'Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour' - Guardian Armory' trailer:

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