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'Tomb Raider' is Digital Spy readers' most anticipated game of 2013

Tomb Raider has been voted the most anticipated game of 2013 by Digital Spy readers.

The upcoming adventure reboot saw 42.15% of votes in a user poll earlier this month.

'Tomb Raider' screenshot

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Tomb Raider beat anticipated open-world sequel Grand Theft Auto 5, which placed second with 19.90% of the overall votes.

Other anticipated releases include PS3 exclusive The Last of Us (5.67%), BioShock Infinite (3.18%) and Elder Scrolls Online (2.45%).

Another recent user poll saw The Walking Dead and Black Ops 2 voted the best games of 2012.

Tomb Raider was recently revealed to have multiplayer and will launch with a unique branded Xbox 360 controller.

It will be made available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 5 worldwide.

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The five most anticipated releases of 2013 as voted by Digital Spy readers:

1. Tomb Raider (42.15%)
2. Grand Theft Auto 5 (19.90%)
3. The Last of Us (5.67%)
4. BioShock Infinite (3.18%)
5. Elder Scrolls Online (2.45%)

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