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Wii U took only 1.6% of UK game sales in January

The Wii U did not have the best sales month in January, with Nintendo's new console reportedly only representing 1.6% of total video game sales in the UK.

According to a CVG report, the Wii U sold approximately 34,000 games, or 1.6% of total game sales.

Wii U

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The Wii, on the other hand, accounted for 8.6% of games sold with 182,000 units. The DS similarly sold more games than the newer 3DS, with 139,000 and 112,000 sales respectively.

Xbox 360 saw the highest sales, with 810,000 giving it 38.4% of all games sales in January. PS3 and PC followed with the second and third most game sales.

Activision's CEO recently expressed his disappointment in Wii U system sales, saying that it made him concerned about whether Activision games would reach their audience on the system.

Nintendo itself recently lowered predictions for Wii U console sales from 5.5 million units to 4 million units by the end of the financial year.

See the full January UK software sales chart below:

  • Xbox 360: 810,000 (38.4%)

  • PS3: 545,000 (25.8%)

  • PC: 228,000 (10.8%)

  • Wii: 182,000 (8.6%)

  • DS: 139,000 (6.6%)

  • 3DS: 112,000 (5.3%)

  • Vita: 46,000 (2.2%)

  • Wii U: 34,000 (1.6%)

  • PSP: 13,000 (0.6%)

  • PS2: 2,000 (0.1%)

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