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New 'Mario vs. Donkey Kong' announced for 3DS, gameplay trailer

A new Mario vs. Donkey Kong title has been announced for the Nintendo 3DS.

Announced by Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata at today's 3DS Direct conference, the downloadable release features 180 levels across four different game modes.

The main puzzle mode sees players guide one of the game's five characters through 3D carnival courses by placing blocks on a grid.

The game will also feature a level editor mode for user-generated content, as well as four brand-new mini-games.

Shibata also explained that Donkey Kong isn't the enemy in the latest release, but has joined forces with Pauline to run a game arcade.

The game will be available to download from the Nintendo eShop in Q2, 2013 throughout Europe.

'Fire Emblem: Awakening' for the 3DS

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'Fire Emblem: Awakening' for the 3DS

Animal Crossing 3DS E3 2011

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The content was announced alongside release dates for 3DS games such as Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D was also announced for the Nintendo 3DS, as well as a new Mario and Luigi game titled Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Watch the 3DS Nintendo Direct conference in full:

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