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'PES 2014' giant-killings will set it apart from 'FIFA'

PES 2014's giant-killings will be key to the game's success, Konami has revealed.

PES creative producer Kei Masuda told OPM that the game's giant-killings will help it stand out from FIFA.

'PES 2013' screenshot

© Konami

Ronaldo in PES 2013

"Our ultimate goal is to let you win with the team you love. If we can make a giant-killing possible, it's a huge difference to FIFA," Masuda explained.

Crowd reactions, advanced tactics and mental strength will make upsets possible, according to Masuda, who explained that crowds in different regions will respond positively to different things.

British crowds, for example, will relish physical tactics and a direct approach, while Brazilian fans will better respond to neat tricks such as nutmegs.

Masuda also believes that using Konami's brand new FOX Engine will help take the franchise forward, before admitting that the series struggled with the move to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

"Our biggest struggles were with online play. As we moved to PS3, EA changed its engine, but ours was based on the PS2 game. We only brushed up on animation and some of the AI features."

Announced earlier this year, PES 2014 will feature revamped physics and controls designed to create intriguing struggles between slow, strong players and their smaller, more agile opponents.

PES 2013 demo screenshot

© Konami

Last year's PES made a number of changes, including FullControl for improved control options over every pass, shot and first touch.

Dribbling, meanwhile, was slowed, giving players better close control of the ball, allowing them to hold it up within a 360-degree circle or nutmeg opposing players and run on to the loose ball.

PES 2013 is available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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Watch a trailer for PES 2013 below:

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