Resident Evil

It is working on a new engine designed for virtual reality. Resident Evil division 'focusing on VR' Unfortunately, the company doesn't have any plans for Devil May Cry or Dragon's Dogma. Capcom drops Resident Evil 7 horror hint This means the film is definitely, actually, really happening, doesn't it? Ali Larter tweets new Resident Evil pic Despite the title, the multiplayer shooter actually takes place after Umbrella has been destroyed. When does Resident Evil Umbrella Corps take place? The zombie-infested streets of Raccoon City are no place for clan wars. Capcom announces multiplayer Resident Evil Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil HD together as one. Resident Evil Origins Collection for 2016 The fan-made project was scheduled to launch by the end of this summer. Resident Evil 2 fan remake cancelled Capcom: don't you dare lose that cheesy dialogue. 5 must-haves for Resident Evil 2's remake Fan feedback about the remake has helped see it become greenlit at Capcom. A Resident Evil 2 remake is on the way The actress returns for her third outing in the franchise as Claire Redfield. Ali Larter will be back for Resident Evil 6 A programmer reveals he's already drawn up and presented plans for a new version. Resident Evil 2 remake pitched to Capcom It looks like we might get an official Resident Evil 2 remake after all. Capcom looking into a new Resident Evil 2 Filed in Europe and Japan, Umbrella Corps is for portable consoles, mobile and more. What is Resident Evil Umbrella Corps? The free download contains revamped character models, new textures, animations and more. Free Resident Evil 2 remake out this summer From the N64 prototype to the GameCube original and HD remaster, Capcom takes fans on a trip down memory lane. Watch the evolution of Resident Evil Zero The remaster of the 2002 survival horror game is set to launch early next year. Resident Evil Zero gets its first trailer Formerly a Nintendo exclusive, Resident Evil Zero will now go multiformat. Resident Evil Zero remaster coming in 2016 The publisher wants to follow DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition and Resident Evil HD Remaster. Capcom planning more HD remasters next year The HD rendition of the original survival-horror game breaks record on PSN. Resident Evil HD Remaster sells 1m The portable version of the survival-horror game was slated for this spring. Resident Evil Revelations 2 delayed for Vita Local co-op is available to all users, although it is currently still in beta. Resident Evil adds local co-op on PC Digital Spy is playing the first episode of Capcom's latest release from 1.10pm. Watch us play Resident Evil Revelations 2 Capcom claims that no co-op ensures a stable experience across a variety of settings. No co-op in Resident Evil Revelations on PC Capcom has explained why Resident Evil Revelations 2 won't release on 3DS. Why no Resident Evil Revelations 2 on 3DS? The HD remake of the first Resident Evil launched less than a month ago. Resident Evil 'fastest-selling digital game' Watch our hands-on videos of Barry Burton and the new Raid mode in action. Hands-on with Resident Evil Revelations 2 The fan remake was carried out by Rod Lima using Unreal Engine 3. Resident Evil 2 gets fan remake Capcom producer says he's confident the next major Resident Evil will wow fans. Resident Evil 7 'will blow our minds' The microtransactions will be limited to Raid Mode. Microtransactions for Resi Evil Revelations Raid Mode will be offline only until all four episodes are released. Resi Evil Revelations 2's Raid Mode detailed Milla Jovovich says that The Final Chapter is shooting in the summer. Resident Evil sequel to shoot in August? Join us as we revisit the iconic mansion live over Twitch at lunchtime. Watch us play an hour of Resident Evil HD The iconic survival horror game still scares us after all these years. Resident Evil HD remake review ★★★★☆ We rank the survival horror series ahead of Resident Evil remake's re-release. Ranking the Resident Evil game series The survivor horror is undergoing "additional polishing work". Resident Evil Revelations 2 delayed by a week Find out the minimum and recommended PC requirements for the upcoming remake. Pre-order Resident Evil HD Remake on Steam PS4 and PS3 cross-buy is only available to pre-order customers. Resident Evil HD is cross-buy on PS3/PS4 Capcom releases the opening cinematic to its upcoming zombie sequel. Watch the intro to Resident Evil Revelations 2 The Vita version of Capcom's horror game is launching in the spring. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 for PS Vita The game will be available for £15.99 in Europe and $19.99 in North America. Resident Evil remake for January launch