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We round up 10 of the most game-changing features Warcraft has added since launch. How has Warcraft changed in 10 years? We remember the 2004 Valve shooter that changed everything. Half-Life 2 turns 10 years old We revisit the PlayStation 2's flagship shooter to coincide with its 10th birthday. How does Killzone shape up ten years on? We take a look back at Medal of Honour to coincide with its 15th birthday. Medal of Honour turns 15 years old this week We take a look back at vintage point-and-click adventure Simon the Sorcerer. Why Simon the Sorcerer was spellbinding We discover that 20 years later, Doom 2 is still incredibly good fun to play. Why Doom 2 is still great 20 years later We revisit Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie's first foray into gaming. Why The Simpsons Arcade Game still holds up today 25 years after its debut, we look at why the platformer was so ground-breaking in its day. Prince of Persia turns 25 years old We revisit Gremlin Interactive's classic football simulation Actua Soccer. How Actua Soccer put one past FIFA Quirky puzzler Katamari Damacy celebrates the tenth anniversary of its US debut. Katamari Damacy: Quirky puzzler turns 10 From Shenmue to Crazy Taxi, we look at the console's most defining games. Dreamcast turns 15: 8 most defining games We revisit the game that marked the debut of Ubisoft's company mascot. Rayman revisited: Punch-packing platformer We take a look back at the 1983 interactive movie Dragon's Lair. How Dragon's Lair invented the quick time event We revisit the fun yet short-lived Game Boy platformer Kirby's Dream Land. Kirby's Dream Land retrospective We revisit the second entry in Konami's unsettling psychological horror saga. Silent Hill 2: Horror sequel revisited We trace Warcraft's roots back to the real-time strategy genre. Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos retrospective We revisit Perfect Entertainment's nonsensical take on the Discworld books. Discworld revisited: A brutal PC adventure We fondly remember Sega's classic arcade beat 'em up Altered Beast. Altered Beast revisited: Vintage Sega We remember the PlayStation's first must-have 3D platformer Spyro the Dragon. Remembering Spyro the Dragon We remember the games that kickstarted Maxis' iconic Sims franchise. The Sims retrospective: Simple pleasures We remember one of the greatest football management simulations of all time. Why Championship Manager 01/02 is a classic We take a look back at Sega's Dreamcast classic Virtua Tennis. Remembering Virtua Tennis We revisit Link's first original adventure on Game Boy Advance. Remembering Zelda: The Minish Cap We revisit LucasArts' under-appreciated classic Grim Fandango. Grim Fandango retrospective We revisit Jack Bauer's entertaining but flawed mission into video games. 24: The Game retrospective We take a look back at Capcom's crossover versus fighter from 2000. Marvel vs Capcom 2 retrospective We revisit influential Super Nintendo role-playing game The Secret of Mana. The Secret of Mana retrospective We revisit the game that introduced the world to Wario, Super Mario Land 2. Super Mario Land 2 retrospective We take a look back at the Nintendo Game Boy, 25 years on from its release. Nintendo's Game Boy turns 25 years old The 2004 open-world game on PS2 is perhaps one of the best movie adaptations. Spider-Man 2 video game retrospective We remember Nintendo's ill-fated Virtual Boy console that debuted in 1995. A look back at Nintendo's Virtual Boy We revisit the game that popularised the stealth genre on home consoles. Metal Gear Solid: Revisiting stealth classic We revisit the original entry in the genre-bending Thief series. Thief: The Dark Project retrospective We revisit Capcom's 1989 arcade smash to mark the release of its HD remake. Strider retrospective: A cult classic A look back at Atlus's stunning PlayStation 2 title. Persona 3 retrospective: Atlus masterpiece We take a look back at Sonic the Hedgehog 3 to mark the game's 20th anniversary. Sonic 3 turns 20 years old - retrospective We look back at EA Sports' Madden NFL '94 to tie in with Super Bowl Sunday. Madden NFL '94 retrospective A look back at Smash Bros GameCube instalment to celebrate the series turning 15. Super Smash Bros Melee retrospective We revisit one of LucasArts finest point-and-click adventure's Sam & Max. Sam & Max Hit the Road retrospective Digital Spy revisits the original entry in the popular Fallout RPG series. Fallout retrospective: A true PC classic