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As the Game Gear turns 25, which of these classic handheld consoles was REALLY superior? Let's revisit Game Gear vs Game Boy A look back at the Nintendo Game Boy, 25 years on from its release in the UK. Nintendo's Game Boy is 25 years old today Can anything top the sheer magic of Super Mario 64? Mario turns 30: 10 most Super games ranked What were the finest time-wasters for Sir Clive Sinclair's rubber-keyed wonder? 16 best Spectrum games, from Dizzy to Elite With Chrono Trigger hitting its 20th anniversary, we look at the greatest SNES games. 16 best SNES games, from Mario to Zelda Who'd have guessed that doctor would be a career highlight for Nintendo's mascot? Dr Mario turns 25 years old this week We get nostalgic over the hard-hitting Mega Drive classic Streets of Rage. Revisiting Sega brawler Streets of Rage We fondly remember Final Fantasy IX, 15 years after it made its debut in Japan. Celebrating 15 years of Final Fantasy IX Clover went out with a bang with roaming beat-em-up God Hand. Revisiting PlayStation 2 classic God Hand We revisit the game that pioneered cel-shaded visuals Jet Set Radio. Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio turns 15 Under-appreciated Super Nintendo adventure EarthBound is now two decades old. SNES gem EarthBound turns 20 years old Nine downgrades that put the Witcher 3 controversy into perspective. 8 classic games with unrecognisable ports We revisit Rare's GoldenEye successor Perfect Dark to see how it holds up today. N64 shooter Perfect Dark turns 15 years old We get back on the horse to revisit Rockstar Games' Western Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead Redemption turns five years old We revisit Rare's brutal NES offering Battletoads for this week's Retro Corner. A warts-and-all look at Battletoads We revisit Climax Studios' Nintendo Wii classic Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Revisiting Silent Hill: Shattered Memories The Force is strong in Knights of the Old Republic, still one of the greatest Star Wars games. Revisiting Knights of the Old Republic As the Guitar Hero franchise plans its comeback, we look at where it all began. Looking back at the original Guitar Hero With Mortal Kombat X out soon, we look at the best and worst releases from the fighting series. Ranking the Mortal Kombat series We revisit 2005's Mario Kart DS after its surprise Wii U debut. Why you should buy Mario Kart DS on Wii U We revisit PC classic RollerCoaster Tycoon on the eve of its 16th anniversary. RollerCoaster Tycoon turns 16 years old We take a look back at Mario's first foray into role-playing games. Why we love Super Mario RPG on SNES Bullfrog Productions' Amiga classic is now free to download via EA's Origin. Why you should re-download Syndicate From Kingdom Hearts to Metal Gear Solid 2, our writers pick their favourite PS2 games. 15 years of the PS2: Its greatest games We take a look back at Acclaim's Nintendo 64 hit Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Revisiting Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on N64 We take a look back at the best entry in Sierra's popular King's Quest series. Why King's Quest VI was Sierra at its best We take a look back at Mega Drive classic Ristar on the eve of its 20th birthday. Mega Drive platformer Ristar turns 20 Following its recent PSN release, we revisit the original Suikoden. Why you need to download Suikoden We take a look back at one of gaming's forgotten heroes on his greatest quest. Wonder Boy in Monster Land retrospective We revisit Theme Hospital as the medical sim arrives on Origin as a free download. Why you need to play Theme Hospital We journey back to 1997 to revisit Nintendo 64 showcase title Lylat Wars. How Star Fox 64 revealed the N64's potential Capcom's pioneering survival-horror sequel redefined the third-person shooter. Resident Evil 4 turns 10 years old this week We take a look back at the original Tekken and its impact on the industry. How Tekken popularised the 3D fighter How Ralph H Baer started the home console movement with the creation of the Odyssey. A look back at the Magnavox Odyssey We remember the breakneck racing game that debuted on PlayStation in Europe. 20 years of PlayStation: Wipeout revisited We remember the console mascot as PlayStation reaches its 20th anniversary. 20 years of PlayStation: Crash Bandicoot We rank our favourite moments of World of Warcraft from its 10 year history. Warcraft turns 10: Best ever moments We round up 10 of the most game-changing features Warcraft has added since launch. How has Warcraft changed in 10 years? We remember the 2004 Valve shooter that changed everything. Half-Life 2 turns 10 years old We revisit the PlayStation 2's flagship shooter to coincide with its 10th birthday. How does Killzone shape up ten years on?