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The N64 action-adventure classic can be purchased via the Nintendo eShop. Zelda: Ocarina of Time out now on Wii U Cover arenas with paint and transform into squids in this new Team Fortress 2 mod. Splatoon meets Team Fortress 2 in new mod Record your thoughts and tips in a personalised gaming diary and screenshot album. Redesigned Miiverse coming this summer The objective of the mode is to ride a single floating tower into the enemy's base. Splatoon gets new online multiplayer mode Gaming giant "definitely looking at" early access programme for its consoles. Nintendo pondering early access programme The game's producer doesn't want in-game content to be unlockable via the figures. Star Fox Zero producer details amiibo plans Xenoblade's director says, "it's possible" his team could help if they're asked. Monolith Soft could help develop Zelda Wii U Nintendo will want to paint the town red after selling 230,000 copies in Europe. Splatoon sells more than 1 million copies Unfortunately, Criterion was too busy working on Need for Speed: Most Wanted to oblige. Nintendo asked Burnout team to make F-Zero This is a finely crafted Wii U platformer that's ultimately forgettable. Yoshi's Woolly World reviewed ★★★ Nintendo is focusing on developing the game's single-player component. Star Fox Zero has no online multiplayer Nintendo unveils a new trailer for its upcoming Wii U role-playing game. Xenoblade Chronicles X arrives in December Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is scheduled to launch during the holiday season. Animal Crossing is getting an amiibo game Mario, Peach and Bowser face off in a first-look trailer. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash coming to Wii U Star Fox Zero, Super Mario Maker and a new Metroid lead the Wii U and 3DS assault. E3 2015: Nintendo conference as it happened The game's creator posts a lengthy gameplay video for the shooter/slasher hybrid. Devil's Third is coming to the UK in August The upcoming presentation will be hosted by series director Masahiro Sakurai. Smash Bros gets a pre-E3 video presentation The Mother 3 protagonist will soon be available as paid DLC for the fighting game. When will Super Smash Bros add Lucas DLC? Fans can now cover maps in paint with the retro-themed N-Zap '85 rapid-fire Shooter. Splatoon gets a new map and game modes Nintendo is releasing the fifth entry in their Mario & Sonic Olympics collection. New Mario & Sonic Olympics game announced Don't be fooled by the colourful look of Nintendo's Wii U shooter - use our tips to give you the advantage. Splatoon guide: 6 tips to get better Wii U users can watch BBC programming through the GamePad. BBC iPlayer finally arrives on Wii U Nintendo's take on the shooter genre is inventive, frenetic and refreshing fun. Nintendo's shooter Splatoon reviewed Slightly Mad hasn't ruled out switching to Nintendo's new console. Project Cars is only a 'maybe' on Wii U Offerings include Guacamelee!, OlliOlli, Stealth Inc 2 and more. Humble launches 3DS and Wii U Bundle Developer says the game is currently running at 23 frames per second on Wii U. Project Cars Wii U facing development issues The digital version of the platforming game is 25% off until May 28. Kirby's Epic Yarn is out now on Wii U The update applies to Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and web versions of the social network. Miiverse update improves its activity feed The bundle also includes an amiibo that's compatible with the upcoming shooter. Wii U with Splatoon, Smash Bros for £215 Players ages 13 and up are invited to take part in the qualifying events on May 30. Nintendo reveals World Championships qualifying events Enjoy an hour of paintball and a 10% discount with the second Splatoon beta. Get messy with the returning Splatoon beta Reggie hits the gym ahead of the return of the Nintendo World Championships this E3. Nintendo World Championships are back Nintendo's earnings release says the game will launch in the 'first half of 2015'. Project Giant Robot might launch soon Play the colourful Wii U shooter early this Saturday and get money off the full game at launch. Play Splatoon this weekend with free demo Despite the profits, 3DS and Wii U hardware sales were below expectations. Nintendo sees profits for first time in years The Wii U platforming game makes its European debut later this week. Kirby Rainbow Paintbrush gets launch trailer The race class was previously only accessible to those who obtained gold trophies in 150cc. Mario Kart 8 update unlocks 200cc class The firm says it will aim to prevent consumer demand from outpacing supply levels. Nintendo is sorry for amiibo frustrations The third-person shooter launches later this month for Wii U. Splatoon trailer looks at Turf War mode The app is available as a free download on Wii U via the Nintendo eShop. Free amiibo app is out now on Wii U