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Calvin's new direction

Now that he's 18, we reckon it's OK to fancy S Club Juniors/S Club 8 survivor Calvin Goldspunk.

These pectastic pictures are from US TV series Life Is Wild, the American remake of Wild at Heart, in which Calvin plays a cheeky young scallywag called Oliver Banks.

Will Life Is Wild be appearing on British screens any time soon? We employed our well-honed journalistic fact-finding skills – i.e. walked five paces to our editor's desk – to find out. "The series has yet to be picked up by a UK network, although one of ITV's digital channels might be interested," says Mr. Neil Wilkes, DS’ resident should-UK-channels-buy-US-shows? guru. "To a large extent it depends on how well it does in the States. The premiere ratings were pretty dismal though, setting a new all-time low for the time period."

Thank you very much Mr. Neil Wilkes - we're sure Calvin will do anything he can to boost those ratings.

P.S. If Margaret from Crewe emails us to say we've misspelled Calvin's name in this post, we're quitting.

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