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Muslim woman pulls out of Christmas Message

Muslim woman pulls out of Christmas Message
A Muslim woman who had agreed to deliver Channel 4's Alternative Christmas Message has pulled out of the project.

Teacher Khadija Ravat was expected to record a six-minute address which was to be broadcast at 3pm on Christmas Day; the same time as the Queen's traditional message.

"My initial thoughts about the programme were that it would be a fantastic opportunity to do something positive and to convey a warm message for everyone to share," Ms Ravat explained in a statement. "However, after careful consideration, I have decided not to appear on the programme.

"I have no doubt that Channel 4 will continue with its inquiring and sensitive approach on issues relating to Muslims in Britain."

Channel 4 have confirmed that the broadcast will go ahead with a different woman.

A spokesman explained: "We remain committed to having a Muslim woman deliver the alternative Christmas message. Part of Channel 4's remit is to provide space for voices that would otherwise not receive airtime."
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