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'Les Misérables' poll: What did you think?

After decades wowing audiences across the globe on stage, Les Misérables finally hits the big screen in the UK today with a host of awards nominations and stacks of US box office dollars under its belt.

Digital Spy wants to know what you thought of the hotly-anticipated film. Were you able to fight back the tears during Anne Hathaway's rendition of 'I Dreamed a Dream'? Was Hugh Jackman your perfect Jean Valjean? And just what was up with Russell Crowe's singing?

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Give Les Mis a rating out of five in our poll, and leave your thoughts on the movie in the space below. This will be a spoiler thread, so if you haven't yet seen the film, musical or read Victor Hugo's novel then please look away now!

How would you rate 'Les Misérables'?
Excellent, I loved this movie! - 5/559.54%
Very good, 'Les Mis' did not disappoint - 4/521.46%
Okay, a middle-of-the-road musical - 3/59.40%
Not good, 'Les Mis' didn't do it for me - 2/53.88%
Awful, a huge let-down - 1/55.72%
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