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Johnny Depp, Will Smith: Huge Hollywood stars & their big-budget flops

Johnny Depp's blockbuster The Lone Ranger is expected to lose between $160m (£104m) and $190m (£123m), according to an announcement made by Disney today (August 7).

Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in 'The Lone Ranger'

Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in 'The Lone Ranger'

The adventure movie cost more than $215m (£139m) to make, but has so far made just $176m (£114m) worldwide.

We look back at some of the biggest Hollywood stars and their even bigger blockbuster flops - from George Clooney's Dark Knight disaster Batman & Robin to Will Smith and son Jaden's After Earth bomb below.

Will Smith - After Earth

After Earth still

Will Smith's science fiction drama After Earth - released earlier this year - was directed by M Night Shyamalan. It achieved sales of $26.5 million (£17.1 million) upon its release, falling well below the $40m (£25.8 million) predicted by studio Sony. The blockbuster flop, which also starred Smith's son Jaden, was made for an estimated $130 million (£83.9 million).

George Clooney - Batman & Robin

George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell, Batman & Robin

George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell

George Clooney's Batman & Robin sank the Batman franchise without trace until Christian Bale was cast as the Caped Crusader in 2005. It made an estimated $110 million (£71 million) and cost around $125 million (£80.6 million) to make. Even Clooney recently admitted that the movie was "really s**t". Especially the nipple-clad Batman suit.

Johnny Depp - The Rum Diary

Johnny Depp in 'The Rum Diary' (2011)

Johnny Depp in 'The Rum Diary' (2011)

Johnny Depp plays a US journalist who reports for a Puerto Rico newspaper during the 1960s in this adaptation of Hunter S Thompson's novel directed by Bruce Robinson. It was made on a budget of around $45 million (£29 million), but took in just $4.6 million (£3 million) during its opening weekend. Depp recently revealed that he "couldn't give a rat's arse" about the film's lack of success.

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford - Cowboys & Aliens

Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Cowboys & Aliens

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford team up against aliens following an invasion in the Old West in Jon Favreau's big-budget movie, which was adapted from a graphic novel of the same title. Despite the cast, it bombed at the box office and made an estimated loss of $75 million (£48.4 million) upon its release in 2011. And it prompted Craig to reveal he that he believes that aliens exist.

Kevin Costner - The Postman

Kevin Costner, Larenz Tate, The Postman

Kevin Costner and Larenz Tate in The Postman

Kevin Costner plays a drifter posing as a postman delivering mail in a post-apocalyptic America in this flop, based on the novel by David Brin. It made just $17.61 million (£11.4 million), and had a budget of $80 million (£51.6 million).

Halle Berry - Catwoman

Halle Berry as Patience Phillips in 'Catwoman'

© Warner Bros. / Everett/Rex Features

Halle Berry as Patience Phillips in 'Catwoman'

Halle Berry was awarded a Razzie for her role as Patience Phillips and Catwoman in the critically-panned 2004 flop. It was made on a budget in excess of $100 million (£64.5 million), but only pulled in an estimated $81 million (£52.3 million). Despite this, Berry described it as a "wonderful experience" and "one of the highlights" of her Academy award-winning career to date.

Eddie Murphy - Pluto Nash

Eddie Murphy and Rosario Dawson in 'The Adventures of Pluto Nash'

© Warner Bros.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Eddie Murphy's sci-fi comedy about a man who struggles to keep his lunar nightclub out of the hands of the mafia cost over $100 million to make, but took in a paltry $7 million (£4.5 million) at the box office worldwide.

Ryan Reynolds - Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds, Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern

While not a complete flop, Ryan Reynolds' critically savaged blockbuster Green Lantern, based on the DC comic, made a profit of just $19 million (£12.3 million) upon its release in 2011. Watch the movie's flaws picked out here.

Danny Dyer - Run for Your Wife

Danny Dyer, Run For Your Wife

Danny Dyer in Run For Your Wife

We jest! But Dyer's Run For Your Wife, co-starring Sarah Harding and Denise Van Outen, made just £602 ($933) at the UK box office over its opening weekend and was panned by critics.
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