Let's see The Penguin, Two-Face or Poison Ivy try to outrun this bat-tastic speedster. This Batmobile was made with 500k Lego bricks Characters featured include Batman, Bizarro Superman and The Flash. Concept art for Justice League video game leaks Actor also says Batman's punishment must be more severe - drowning at the hands of Louie Spence. Tom Hardy wants to play Bane again "All 'part of the plan'..." Is Joker the real hero of The Dark Knight? These mini-blockbusters are even better than the real thing. 9 fan films that put Hollywood to shame Batman won't use guns, but explosives are apparently fair game. Batman's no killing rule is definitely optional Documentary The Wolfpack tells the fascinating story of the Angulo family. Fans' homemade Dark Knight is incredible Baddies beware, the Batmobile just got a whole lot more powerful. Dark Knight's Tumbler to be in Arkham Knight The actor was poised to play Bruce Wayne in George Miller's doomed Justice League Mortal. Hammer: 'I would have been terrible Batman' The dynamic duo - Will Arnett and Michael Cera – are going to meet a new Clown Prince of Crime. Zach Galifianakis is voicing The Joker The journal contains images of playing cards and hyenas, along with stills from A Clockwork Orange. See inside Heath Ledger's 'Joker diary' The new feature gets implemented once PS4 players update the game to version 1.05. Batman Arkham Knight adds photo mode on PS4 His voice has been brought out of retirement for the role. Mark Hamill is voicing The Joker again Players have discovered a date-related Easter egg within the game. Arkham Knight has unexpected bonuses The shooter is found guilty of first degree murder and other charges in Aurora, Colorado shooting. Dark Knight Rises cinema shooter guilty The Dynamic Duo are locked in for 2017's Lego Movie spinoff. Michael Cera joins Lego Batman Movie Heroes and villains - from Superman to Harley Quinn - team up for an awesome group photo. Batman, Suicide Squad's cool group photo Zoë Kravitz reveals the shocking reason why she was banned from auditioning for Batman. Kravitz not allowed to audition for Dark Knight The 1989 Movie Batmobile Pack includes two tracks inspired by the film's sequel. 1989 Batman coming to Arkham Knight The actor is already hard at work on a new adventure for the Caped Crusader. Ben Affleck is getting a solo Batman film Superman looks ready for war with the Dark Knight in posed shot released in time for Comic-Con. Cavill suits up in Batman v Superman picture The upcoming expansion is set in a new area called the Seagate Amusement Park. First look at Arkham Knight's Batgirl Sources say Warner Bros knew issues existed with the PC version for a long time. Arkham Knight PC issues 'known for months' Rocksteady is working to patch the PS4 version of its recently-released game. Batman Arkham Knight fixes PS4 leaderboards The action-platforming game is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. LEGO Batman 3 arrives on iOS devices Rocksteady warns that PC owners using AMD cards may encounter 'some known issues'. Batman Arkham PC in last-minute changes The game is due out next week for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Batman Arkham Knight cancels collector edition Batman Unchained is the maddest Dark Knight movie you never got to see. Courtney Love and Nicolas Cage vs Batman? Director says the whole game can be played through without loading screens. No loading times in Batman Arkham Knight The PS4 version of the game offers exclusive skins, missions and more. Arkham Knight trailer shows off PS4 content Real life superhero Miles becomes Batkid in a moving first trailer for the film. Watch heartwarming Batkid Begins trailer Video shows Batman and Nightwing teaming up to take on Penguin's thugs. Watch Arkham Knight's Dual Play in action Jonathan Banks, Ashley Greene and more join the cast of the finale to the Arkham trilogy. Batman Arkham Knight voice cast revealed The most iconic incarnations of the Joker - from Heath Ledger to laughing fish. 8 sensational Joker portrayals Notorious porn director Axel Braun is making a superhero showdown of a very different kind. Batman v Superman getting a porn parody Christopher Nolan singles out one scene from his career that he is most proud of. What scene is Chris Nolan most proud of? The actor believes he missed out on further roles after turning down Batman. Josh Hartnett regrets Batman snub The duo will voice an animated Batman movie for the show's 50th anniversary. Adam West, Burt Ward for animated Batman Warner suggests Injustice's connectivity has improved user engagement on mobile and console. Batman Arkham's mobile connectivity teased The open-world sequel is delayed as the development team "hates to make compromises". Batman Arkham Knight delayed