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Top Story New Iron Man, Star Wars and Frozen-themed bionic hands help child amputees feel like superheroes Kids around the world can become a Marvel hero or a Jedi knight with help from Disney. Bionic Iron Man hand, Star Wars lightsaber hand, Frozen Snowflake hand.
Actress behind Meredith Grey is none too pleased over the James Bond star's flippant reference to suicide. Pompeo condemns Daniel Craig's suicide joke Brr... It's cold in here! There must be some Toros in the at-mos-phere! Bring It On cast reunite for 15th anniversary Classic Suzanne Vega hit gets an electronic update. Watch the Moroder x Britney Spears video EVERYBODY is in the Coen brothers' latest movie. Watch the star-stuffed Hail, Caesar! trailer "We are the knights that like to say, 'Show us a validated Meerkat Movies code'." Holy Grail returns to a cinema near you Castle rises quicker than you can say 'Wingardium Leviosa'. Potter fans recreate Hogwarts using books Booyakasha, and so forth. Hiddleston's amazing Ali G impression Corsets and entrails... lots of entrails in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Watch Jane Austen get zombiefied He's won five Oscars, three Golden Globe Awards, five BAFTAs and 22 Grammy Awards for his work. John Williams wins AFI Lifetime Achievement Award To be fair, it could hardly have more rain. Del Toro teases a sunnier Pacific Rim 2 Neverland isn't a place worth visiting in the origin story, according to reviewers. Pan is getting panned by critics The only catch is that you have to be based in the US. Paramount puts free movies on YouTube Do you want Toy Story 4 now or do you want it not at all? Does anyone actually want Toy Story 4? "I do think that there is a great Fantastic Four movie with that cast," producer Simon Kinberg says. Fantastic Four "was a hard movie to make" To make the scene work, all MacGruber needs is a... MacGruber 2 promises "crazy" opening Randall, Fidgit, Strutter, Og, Wally and Vermin WILL return. Time Bandits TV show officially in the works Publication claims that the event two-parter will have a generous kitty to spend. Avengers sequels to have $1bn budget? Producer Scott Rudin is taking the supernatural DC movie under his wing. Justice League Dark film is still a thing Social media is doing its best to power Ken Russell's film into cinemas. The Devils release campaign intensifies About time, too. J-Law is the lead star in new X-Men film These have to be seen to be believed... Trump photoshopped into horror movies!? He'll be playing a Goblin in the new Harry Potter spinoff. Ron Perlman cast in Harry Potter spinoff They'll be joined by Nicholas Hoult in the Fernando Coimbra directed drama. Luke Evans and Henry Cavill for Sand Castle An epic thrill ride that will leave you in the middle of your seat… where you won't fall off. See Keanu's amazing Speed parody Take a deep dive into the costumes of Dawn of Justice. See Batman v Superman costume video Straight Outta… Dominic Toretto's garage? Fast & Furious 8 hires its director Will the Force be strong in your city? Star Wars 7 reveals premiere city, date Finding Dory and The Good Dinosaur also get release dates. Incredibles 2, Toy Story 4 dates revealed "Captain Marvel pushed back until the resurrection of Jesus Christ." Captain Marvel fans angry about movie delay Prepare for even more shrinkage! An Ant-Man sequel is officially happening Ive says filmmakers have "hijacked" Jobs's legacy. Jony Ive "ever so sad" about Steve Jobs film He said he'd rather "slash [his] wrists" than do another James Bond film. Craig faces backlash after 'suicide' remark The music video for the Furious 7 track is the tenth most-viewed on YouTube of all time. 'See You Again' hits 1 billion YouTube views Here's a hint: it's Gary Busey or Randy Quaid. Star Wars star has a surprising mentor Sneeper is an alien species in the Marvel sequel - but can mean something very different. Guardians 2 includes naughty Icelandic word "Power to the imaginary people!" Inside Out originally had Bing Bong as a 'radical' The bikes from Tomorrow Never Dies and Skyfall don't count. Or the bobsleighs. The fastest Bond car ever, revealed Look at Batman, Superman and Captain America, though. Those guys are HUGE. Deadpool's Reynolds not scared of rivals Before today you could only buy the books digitally via Pottermore. Harry Potter is magicked to life by Apple He's got a few things on the boil, our Danny. Danny Boyle open to 28 Months Later