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'Valkyrie' extras ignore settlement offer

'Valkyrie' extras ignore settlement offer

Rex Features

Twelve extras injured on the set of Tom Cruise's Valkyrie have ignored a settlement offer, reports say.

German company Studio Babelsberg AG, which co-produced the film with United Artists, reportedly made an offer to the extras, who were thrown from a moving vehicle while filming a scene for the Bryan Singer-directed war thriller.

The actors, who demanded $11 million (£6 million) in compensation for their injuries, have allegedly failed to respond to the proposed deal.

Studio Babelsberg's president Charles Woebcken said: "We have offered a settlement. But they haven't even reacted."

He also hit out at the extras for making unreasonable demands and courting publicity, saying: "In America, these things happen. You have a different system in Germany.

"If you lose an arm, it's not worth a million dollars. This [is] a broken rib."

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