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Danny Boyle to make period movie: 'It won't be like Downton Abbey'

Danny Boyle has revealed that his next movie is likely to be a period drama.

The Trance director told Digital Spy that he is currently working on two historical films, which he hopes will be more "immediate" than traditional period fare.

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"All I can say is they won't be like Downton Abbey," he said. "It won't be that kind of period movie."

Boyle previously revealed in Amy Raphael's book Danny Boyle: In His Own Words that he was hoping to film an adaptation of Andrew Miller's novel Ingenious Pain based on a script from Patrick Marber.

Ingenious Pain takes place in 18th-century England and Russia and centres on James Dyer, a surgeon who is impervious to physical pain.

'Apocalypse Now' still

Martin Sheen in Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now.

Boyle also spoke of his fondness for Apocalypse Now, adding that he could potentially tackle a war film in the future.

"[Apocalypse Now is] the movie to beat all movies," he said. "I will stand up against anybody and proclaim for that movie."

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Trance opens in UK cinemas today (March 27) and will arrive in the US on April 5.

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