Sex And The City

The actress appeared to hint at Sex and the City 3 with a picture earlier this year. SJP was "shocked" by SATC photo fan rage Sarah Jessica Parker drops her biggest hint yet that a new film is in the works. Is Sex and the City 3 finally happening? Charlotte York actress excitedly declares: "We want to do it!" Davis: 'We want to do Sex and the City 3' The Big actor says that Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie was not a "victim". Sex and the City star: 'Carrie was a wh*re' Why are Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker so excited? Are these tweets about Sex and the City 3? The actress says the franchise was a "big struggle" for four women over 40 to lead. Kristin Davis would do Sex and the City 3 Kristin Davis says she doesn't want "anything bad to happen" to Charlotte in potential film. Sex and the City 3 'up to the fans' Kristin Davis says a third Sex and the City film isn't "a pipe dream". Davis: 'Sex and the City 3 is possible' Actress says that the series has had "a wonderful ride". Nixon 'wants to let Sex and the City go' The actress reveals that she doesn't want to play versions of Carrie on screen. Sarah Jessica Parker on not playing Carrie The actress also discusses the legacy of the groundbreaking Sex and the City. SJ Parker: 'Girls, SATC share intimacy' Kristin Davis is making her Broadway debut in the Gore Vidal play. Kristin Davis, Stamos join 'Best Man' Kim Cattrall insists that she is "just friends" with the acclaimed artist. SATC Kim Cattrall 'not dating artist Ross' Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni tie the knot in New York. Cynthia Nixon marries partner The townhouse occupied by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City sells for  $9.85m. Sex and the City townhouse sold for $10m The actress also reveals whether she is considering adopting another baby. Kristin Davis: Baby not named after SATC The actress says she "would love" to reunite with her Sex and the City co-stars. 'Sex and the City 3' 'still possible' Kristin Davis admits that she doesn't get out much since becoming a mum. Kristin Davis: 'I love motherhood' Sarah Jessica Parker was afraid of being distracted by her former co-star. Sarah Jessica Parker banned Noth visit Michael Patrick King responds to Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. SATC boss criticises 'Housewives' Cherry Sex and the City star Chris Noth calls the hit show and movie series "the cancer". Chris Noth: 'Sex and the City is cancer' Candace Bushnell claims that her husband Charles Askegard cheated on her. 'Sex and the City' creator to divorce Kristin Davis says it's been difficult returning to work since adopting a baby. Kristin Davis: 'It's hard to leave baby' Jerry Seinfeld compares Sex and the City's Samantha to Seinfeld's Kramer. Seinfeld: 'Samantha is Kramer on SATC' Kim Cattrall is flattered that Sex and the City fans want another film. Kim Cattrall unsure of 'SATC 3' Sarah Jessica Parker can't wait to meet Kristin Davis's daughter Gemma Rose. Sarah Jessica Parker "happy" for Davis Sarah Jessica Parker says that it is not the right time for a third instalment. Sarah Jessica Parker on 'Sex and the City 3' Sarah Jessica Parker says that a story is already in place for a potential third Sex and the City film. Sarah Jessica Parker knows 'Sex and the City 3' plot A rep for Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker says the reports are "completely false". 'Sex and the City' not returning to TV, says Sarah Jessica Parker Plans for a Sex and the City prequel movie are put on hold as Sarah Jessica Parker agrees to revive the TV show. 'Sex and the City' returning to TV? Elizabeth Olsen denies that she will star as Carrie Bradshaw in a Sex and the City prequel. Elizabeth Olsen: 'Sex and the City prequel rumours not true' Kim Cattrall claims that she almost turned down Sex and the City because she found it "depressing". Kim Cattrall found 'Sex and the City' book "depressing" Candace Bushnell says that she would cast Selena Gomez as Charlotte in a Sex and the City prequel film. Selena Gomez wanted for 'Sex and the City' Chris Noth says that he was able to "go under the radar" at the beginning of Sex and the City. Chris Noth: 'I miss early Sex and the City days' Kim Cattrall reveals that she does not know whether Sex and the City 3 will get made. Kim Cattrall 'unsure of Sex and the City 3' Sarah Jessica Parker presents a special award to the writers of Annie at a charity gala. Sarah Jessica Parker honours 'Annie' writers Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall admits that her age prevents her from landing interesting roles. Kim Cattrall: 'I feel marginalised' Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell suffers a pelvic injury after falling off a horse. 'Sex and the City' writer suffers cracked pelvis Kim Cattrall says she got to experience "heaven" and "hell" gaining weight for Meet Monica Velour. Kim Cattrall: 'Weight loss was hellish' Kristin Davis says that the late Elizabeth Taylor allowed her name to be lent to a dog on Sex and the City. Kristin Davis: 'Liz Taylor approved of SATC'