Some sort of Spider-prison, then. Like a web, say. Garfield compares Spider-Man films to "prison" Former Peter Parker is looking forward to no longer "bearing the weight" of the series. Andrew Garfield's verdict on new Spider-Man Tom Holland has been posting impressive acrobatics on his social media page. New Spider-Man shows off on Instagram Marvel and Sony's new vision of Spider-Man is an "outcast" who's a "geek through humour". Vacation writers confirmed for Spider-Man The director of the three Tobey Maguire films says he has "a lot of faith" in Marvel. Raimi has his say on Marvel's Spider-Man John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein could be following up their summer comedy with a webslinging adventure. Vacation writers to pen Spider-Man reboot? Denis Leary AKA Captain Stacy made some interesting revelations at Comic-Con. What was Amazing Spider-Man 3's bonkers plotline? "There's a lot of different ways to interpret that character whether it's Miles Morales or Peter Parker." Webb 'excited' about Spider-Man reboot Academy Award winner is reportedly circling Marvel's Spider-Man reboot. Marisa Tomei for Spider-Man's Aunt May? Marvel's Kevin Feige says new film will explore the "soap opera" of high school. New Spider-Man will have John Hughes vibe Was Tom Holland born before or after the Spice Girls hit was released? Here's a pop culture quiz to take you down memory lane. Is new Spider-Man younger than 'Wannabe'? The new Peter Parker is teaming up with Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow in 2016 movie. Spider-Man definitely in Captain America 3 The new Peter Parker is a very different actor to Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield - but that's a good thing. Can Tom Holland revive Spider-Man? The next webslinger has starred on stage, won some major awards and played a Tudor wunderkind. Who is Tom Holland? Introducing the new Spider-Man Is the guy from Rev *really* the new Spider-Man? Wait, Tom Hollander cast as Spider-Man? From acrobatics to webslinging memes - Twitter had a proper meltdown over Marvel's new Spidey. Twitter reacts to the new Spider-Man Marvel and Sony have found their Spider-Man. Are you happy with their choice? What do you think of Tom Holland as Spider-Man? The Impossible star will play Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War. Marvel casts Tom Holland as Spider-Man "It has nothing to do with being anti-gay, or anti-black, or anti-Latino, or anything like that." Stan Lee: Spider-Man's white heterosexual Reports are claiming that Asa Butterfield is being eyed along with four other actors. Who's the latest Spider-Man frontrunner? Jason Moore, Jonathan Levine and Ted Melfi are all apparently in the running. Who could be directing Marvel's Spider-Man? The Fault in our Stars star is reportedly one of five actors circling the role. Daredevil star wants Nat Wolff as Spider-Man Marvel's Spider-Man shortlist includes Nat Wolff and Asa Butterfield. 5 actors tipped as the next Spider-Man Everything is awesome as Lego Movie directors take Spidey back to his graphic roots. Lego Movie team to animate Spider-Man An alleged post-credits scene for Avengers: Age of Ultron makes its way online. Real or fake? Marvel spoiler leaks online Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige denies that Spider-Man cameo has been filmed. Spider-Man won't appear in Avengers 2 The upcoming reboot will reveal Peter Parker's origins in "different ways". Marvel's Spider-Man won't be origin story Kevin Feige drops hints about Spider-Man's first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel's Spider-Man will be Peter Parker Fault in Our Stars star says he is unsure if he'd want to lead Marvel franchise. Ansel Elgort reacts to Spider-Man rumours The Bates Motel star discusses what it would be like to be considered for the role. Freddie Highmore joins Spider-Man debate It's your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, you mug! Watch Danny Dyer as... Spider-Man? The Maze Runner actor says he hasn't been approached to play the webslinger. Dylan O'Brien denies Spider-Man casting Cabin in the Woods filmmaker is close to signing on for next Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man's new director revealed? Hunger Games actor says he would be keen to take on the role if asked. Josh Hutcherson wants to play Spider-Man The actor says that he is "leaving" casting of Spider-Man to Marvel this time. Donald Glover won't campaign for Spider-Man We have doubts, and sending Peter Parker back to high school is the nail in the coffin. Do we really need another Spider-Man? Sinister Six and Venom films remain in the works. Sony still developing Spider-Man spinoffs Dylan O'Brien and Logan Lerman are being considered to replace Andrew Garfield. Sony seeking "much younger" Spider-Man Our picks for the new Peter Parker, or the first Miles Morales. Who could play Spider-Man next? Let us know your thoughts as Spider-Man joins the MCU. Spider-Man: should Garfield be replaced?