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Star Zachary Quinto believes he will be back in front of the camera imminently. Star Trek 3 to shoot in six months? The actor says he is eager to reprise his Star Trek role of Hikaru Sulu. George Takei wants Star Trek return Roberto Orci is thought to be taking over the next Star Trek instalment. Simon Pegg backs Orci for Star Trek The device is an exact replica of the gadget belonging to William Shatner's Captain Kirk. Star Trek Phaser remote control launches Roberto Orci says that he is not confirmed for the film until it is greenlit. Star Trek 3 director not confirmed Roberto Orci says that the adventure will take place in "deep space". Star Trek 3 will be closer to original series Writer takes over from JJ Abrams, who is committed to Star Wars Episode VII. Star Trek: Roberto Orci directing sequel Star Trek Into Darkness writer emerges as frontrunner to direct sequel. Star Trek 3: Roberto Orci to direct? Gamers are tasked with building the ultimate starship and crew in Star Trek Timelines. Star Trek Timelines game in development "They should have blown me up," the actor jokes of his Star Trek villain Khan. Cumberbatch hints at Star Trek 3 return Moore speaks exclusively about the future of Star Trek and why it belongs on TV. Star Trek belongs on TV, says Ron Moore Roberto Orci continues with Star Trek franchise, after writing first two films. 'Star Trek 3' hires three writers "What a d**khead!" the actor jokes in response to JJ Abrams's Khan remarks. Cumberbatch defends Star Trek secrecy Director says it "would have been better" to reveal Benedict Cumberbatch's identity. JJ Abrams: 'Khan mystery was a mistake' Eccleston reveals that the US sci-fi series was "important" to him as a child. Christopher Eccleston loves 'Star Trek' The director admits that he "went too nuts" with the technique in his film work. JJ Abrams apologises for lens flare Fuller admits he has a "specific" plan to bring the show back to television. Bryan Fuller wants 'Star Trek' TV return Star Trek: The Game was a big disappointment to JJ Abrams. Abrams emotionally hurt by Star Trek game The stunt was put together by blinkbox and a top illusionist. Shoppers 'teleported' by Star Trek device Although the director will stay on as producer he admits he'll be jealous. JJ Abrams: 'Star Trek exit bittersweet' Abrams addressed rumours Rise of the Planet of the Apes director will take over. JJ Abrams: 'Wyatt great for Star Trek 3' The iconic robot is seen in JJ Abrams's sci-fi sequel being sucked into space. R2-D2 spotted in Star Trek Into Darkness The writer responds to a fan article titled 'Star Trek is broken - here are ideas on how to fix it'. Star Trek writer slams fans: "F**k off" The actor tricked the cast into wearing 'protective neutron cream'. Star Trek: Simon Pegg reveals cast prank The awkward title and the infamous Alice Eve scene are some of the things made fun of. Honest Trailers: Star Trek Into Darkness The World's End star on fans who ranked Into Darkness worst Trek film. Simon Pegg to 'Trek' haters: 'F**k you' The veteran actor says that TV provides an alternative to movie "majesty". Shatner wants 'Star Trek' TV return Fans boo JJ Abrams's blockbuster sequel at a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. Star Trek Darkness voted worst movie The Bones actor says he would like to see more space exploration in the sequel. Karl Urban wants 'original' Star Trek 3 JJ Abrams is in talks to produce Star Trek 3 through Bad Robot. 'Star Trek' writers back for third film Spock actor Zachary Quinto reveals that the director could return. Star Trek 3 filming in 2014 under Abrams? The six-issue miniseries explores the villain's history in the Eugenics Wars. IDW announces 'Star Trek: Khan' comic JJ Abrams's sequel will be released three weeks early via digital download. Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray details The director says that the original Star Trek paved the way for Star Wars. George Lucas acknowledges Star Trek debt The Elysium director says he is not interested in directing franchise movies. Neill Blomkamp rules out 'Star Trek' Michael Giacchino's score for both JJ Abrams Star Trek movies will be performed. 'Star Trek' for live concert performance The actor most recently appeared as Spock Prime in Star Trek Into Darkness. Leonard Nimoy wants 'Star Wars 7' role The Attack the Block director is said to be among the names in line. Joe Cornish on 'Star Trek 3' shortlist? Villain John Harrison is shown brooding during a shower onboard the Enterprise. Cumberbatch 'Trek' deleted shower scene Damon Lindelof apologises for "gratuitous" shot of Alice Eve in her underwear. 'Trek' writer in underwear scene apology