Star Trek

Trying to boldly go where no politician has gone before. Alex Salmond books flight under James T Kirk Make it so, number one! Watch Star Trek Enterprise virtual tour You can still live long and prosper. It's only a two-week delay. Star Trek Beyond gets pushed back Is this the head of a new alien species or the reinvention of a classic-series favourite? Star Trek video hints at a new alien Live long and prosper. Star Trek cast pay tribute to Leonard Nimoy These are the (sea) voyages... That Star Trek cruise is actually happening These are the voyages of a non-canonical Starfleet spaceship set 10 years after Voyager. Star Trek's Chekov and Tuvok in new film "To boldly go where no one has gone before..." Star Trek gets a special Albert Hall show It'll be slightly different to the USS Enterprise. Shatner to boldly sail Star Trek sea cruises Actor has a plan in place to pay tribute to his late Star Trek co-star. Shatner gets fans to share selfies for Nimoy One lucky winner will take on a walk-on role as part of a Star Trek charity drive. Fancy a role in Star Trek Beyond? Will we see the original James Tiberius Kirk in the third Star Trek movie? Shatner is coy about Star Trek Beyond Take calls like a Starfleet commander with this Bluetooth smartphone accessory. Star Trek Communicator is a reality, Cap'n Kirk, Spock and Uhura will travel beyond the final frontier in third Star Trek film. Star Trek 3's official title revealed Star Trek Beyond is still a year away - but development on a sequel is underway. Pine and Quinto confirmed for Star Trek 4 "It's not tension, it's all coming from Bill," Takei says in new interview. George Takei on William Shatner feud Leonard Nimoy's son seeks backing for new film documenting the life and evolution of Mr Spock. Kickstarter launched for Spock documentary "We start shooting in four weeks – and we're only handing in our first draft today," says Pegg. Star Trek 3 is shooting in a month Star Trek writer and Scotty actor also tells Digital Spy that he isn't 'Trekking down' the next movie. Simon Pegg: Shatner could play Kirk again "People don't see it being fun Saturday night entertainment," Simon Pegg says of the franchise. Star Trek 3 has to be "less Star Trek-y" Pegg is co-writing the third movie - thought to be titled Star Trek Beyond - with Doug Jung.
Pegg tempted to big up Star Trek role Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Judgement Rites and Starfleet Academy all debut. Classic Star Trek games boldly go to GOG Whitney starred as Yeoman Janice Rand in the original series of Star Trek. Star Trek actress Grace Lee Whitney dies The title suggests that the USS Enterprise will go further than ever before in 2016. Is this the title of the new Star Trek movie? The Vulcan's 'Live Long and Prosper' salute inspires an emoji on Apple devices. Apple adding Spock emoji to Mac and iOS IDW Publishing joins forces with DC Comics for the Spectrum Wars miniseries. Star Trek & Green Lantern get crossover For the Love of Spock will be narrated by Zachary Quinto. Leonard Nimoy's son planning documentary Pegg and his co-writer Doug Jung want to take the franchise back to its roots. Star Trek 3 has spirit of TV show, says Pegg He is thought to be in talks to star alongside Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Idris Elba to play Star Trek 3 villain? Zachary Quinto says that late Leonard Nimoy embodied all of Spock's "finest qualities". Zachary Quinto: Nimoy instrumental to me Bennett produced four Star Trek movies, including 1982's The Wrath of Khan. Star Trek producer Harve Bennett dies Quinto says Nimoy "lived his life so beautifully and with such grace". Quinto remembers Leonard Nimoy Leonard Nimoy's life is honoured by Zachary Quinto and George Takei. William Shatner honours Leonard Nimoy Star Trek actor passes away at the age of 83 from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy dies, aged 83 Star Trek 3 reboots its creative team with Simon Pegg and Doug Jung writing the script. Simon Pegg to co-write Star Trek 3 The franchise will have been absent from the small screen for 10 years in 2015. Star Trek: CW boss wants new TV series The July 6, 2016 date marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek's TV launch Star Trek 3 gets release date Fast & Furious director will replace Roberto Orci in director's chair. Justin Lin will direct Star Trek 3 JJ Abrams reportedly narrows director search to several leading candidates. Duncan Jones denies Star Trek 3 rumours The Next Generation actor says he would "love" to take over from JJ Abrams. Ex-Star Trek star wants to direct sequel