Star Wars

The resolution differences between the PS4 and Xbox One versions are 'noticeable'. Star Wars Battlefront beta is 720p on Xbox One Kids around the world can become a Marvel hero or a Jedi knight with help from Disney. Amazing Iron Man bionic hands for child amputees It looks like fans will be able to play as Boba Fett and the Emperor in the mysterious game mode. What is Star Wars: Battlefront's Hero Hunt? Will the Force be strong in your city? Star Wars 7 reveals premiere city, date Here's a hint: it's Gary Busey or Randy Quaid. Star Wars star has a surprising mentor Up for taking down AT-AT Walkers on Hoth this week? Sure you are! Here's how. Star Wars Battlefront beta: All the info That cute little sphero could be a force to be reckoned with. New Star Wars BB-8 toy reveals dark side You don't have to wait much longer to play the upcoming game's open beta. When's Star Wars Battlefront's beta start? Even the keys light up lightsaber red. This Star Wars laptop will amaze you It might be time to upgrade to Windows 10... Check out the Star Wars Battlefront PC specs "Intergalactic!" Star Wars pilot has Beastie Boys name DICE says that real-world currency is "not part of the core design" of the game. No microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront Now to decide on whether to go for a crossguard hilt or not... Del Toro wants pink lightsaber in Star Wars But that makes Mufasa Darth Vader, right? Disney meets Star Wars in awesome mashup But a model of Leia's Blockade Runner was the highest-selling item on the night. Princess Leia bikini sells for $96,000 Shrimp cocktails all round! Ackbar is in Star Wars: The Force Awakens This is the blow-up toy you're looking for. Check out this Jabba the Hutt blow-up toy With sound loud enough to "to drown out a Wookiee battle cry"! Look at these cool Star Wars speakers All toys are from early in the movie or are of characters that won't give any secrets away; so get spending. No film spoilers from the Star Wars toys The Rogue One star says you'll spot his character with Diego Luna and Felicity Jones. Alan Tudyk nearly turned down Star Wars The Force is strong with this one. See Secret Cinema's amazing Star Wars X-wing Check out these Imperial designs. Nixon's Star Wars watches are a fanboy's dream Separating Force Awakens fact from steaming Bantha poop. Vader lives?! 7 craziest Star Wars rumours 'Tis the Season of the Force - dare you take a ride on Hyperspace Mountain? Star Wars Disneyland details emerge Got a PS4, Xbox One or PC? These are the three multiplayer maps you're looking for. Star Wars Battlefront beta is coming soon No news on Max Rebo's keyboard, mind. Princess Leia's bikini is up for auction And he's usually "more of a frog-in-the-throat kind of guy", too. Force Awakens script made John Boyega cry Speed across The Force Awakens' Jakku desert in cool new feature. Watch amazing 360º Star Wars trailer Get ready to meet a gang leader and a reckless starfighter pilot in The Force Awakens. Star Wars will feature 12 new characters Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker still hate each other's guts. C-3PO vs R2-D2: Star Wars' bitter feud continues Disney is reportedly planning to re-package the first three films in the saga. Star Wars theatrical cuts could be re-released We don't remember Han Solo being covered in sprinkles. Force is strong with Star Wars Pop Tarts "The foam is strong in this one." Luke Skywalker in an Irish pub, anyone? "I love your fridge." "I know." Star Wars game comes with a Han Solo fridge Star Wars Episode 8's big bad might not be BDT. Del Toro not a Star Wars villain after all? New smartphone game Uprising hints at how the movie's factions came to be. Star Wars game teases Force Awakens story Probably because the taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems is STILL in dispute. Star Wars gives £150m to the UK economy It's time to feel the power of the Dark Side. Star Wars watch comes packed with tech Guests will be put in the middle of an actual battle between the First Order and the Resistance. Star Wars parks to begin construction next year Do the newly deputised Jedi knights put them to good use? What do you think... The Force is strong with Meyers and Samberg