The A-Team

Liam Neeson reveals that there are currently no plans to make a follow-up to the A-Team movie. Liam Neeson: 'No plans for A-Team sequel' The A-Team director Joe Carnahan claims that his big screen remake "blew it" with audiences. Director: 'We blew it with A-Team remake' The A-Team director Joe Carnahan dismisses rumours of a feud with Mr. T. Carnahan dismisses Mr. T feud rumours Those chocolate bar ads by Mr T are more engaging than this lousy reinvention of the '80s show. The A-Team Jessica Biel admits that there were perks to being the only girl in an all male cast. Biel: 'Nice being only girl on A-Team' Bradley Cooper admits that he suffered from a bout of depression after filming The A-Team. Bradley Cooper 'depressed after A-Team' Liam Neeson says that he started smoking again while filming the A-Team movie. Neeson picked up smoking on 'A-Team' set The A Team star Jessica Biel admits that she never watched the original TV series. Biel 'never watched original A-Team' Click in to see three new clips from the big screen A-Team remake. Three new action-packed 'A-Team' clips! BA Baracus and Dirk Benedict criticise the new A-Team film for its violent content. Original 'A-Team' stars slam movie Jessica Biel claims that she felt 'powerful' while filming physical scenes for The A-Team. Biel: 'The A-Team made me feel powerful' At The Movies previews the big screen spinoff of The A-Team. 2010 Summer Preview: 'The A-Team' Quinton Jackson says that his experience in the A-Team film did not meet his "tough" expectations. Quinton Jackson: "Acting is kinda gay" Dirk Benedict slams the decision to make his Battlestar Galactica character a woman in the remake. Dirk Benedict criticises 'BSG' remake Click in to get a look at a new batch of stills and an election-inspired video for The A-Team. Vote for 'The A-Team'! Bradley Cooper talks about Dirk Benedict's cameo in The A-Team. Cooper reveals Benedict's 'A-Team' role The A-Team director Joe Carnahan says a Mr T cameo is still possible for his big screen spinoff. A-Team director: 'Mr T cameo still possible' IDW Publishing is to launch two A-Team books ahead of this summer's cinematic adaptation. IDW announces 'A-Team' comics Click here to see the trailer for this year's cinema re-imagining of The A-Team. Trailer: 'The A-Team' hit the big screen Mr T will not have a featured cameo in the upcoming A-Team film. Mr T will not have 'A-Team' cameo Dirk Benedict is to cameo in the big screen version of The A-Team. Dirk Benedict to cameo in 'A-Team' movie Original A-Team star Dwight Schultz is to make a cameo in the forthcoming film remake. Original 'A-Team' actor in film cameo Bradley Cooper says that he wanted to star in the A-Team film so that he could hit lots of people. Cooper wants 'A Team' role to punch people Click here to get a first look at the cast of 20th Century Fox's A-Team movie. First Look: The new 'A-Team' 50 Cent reveals that he auditioned for a part in the A-Team remake. 50 Cent 'auditioned for A-Team reboot' Watchmen star Patrick Wilson joins 20th Century Fox's big-screen take on The A-Team. Patrick Wilson joins 'The A-Team' Jessica Biel is in talks to join the cast of The A-Team. Jessica Biel 'in talks for A-Team' Sharlto Copley is linked to the role of Howling Mad Murdock in the new A-Team movie. Copley linked to Murdock 'A-Team' role Quinton Jackson is confirmed to star in the A-Team movie. Quinton Jackson 'confirmed for A-Team' Quinton Jackson denies that he will be cast in the A-Team movie. Quinton Jackson 'not joining A-Team' Ultimate Fighting Championship star Quinton Jackson reportedly signs up for the A-Team movie. Quinton Jackson to play BA Baracus? Rapper The Game is reportedly in the running to play Sgt. Bosco "BA" Baracus in the A-Team movie. The Game in line for 'A-Team' role? Bradley Cooper confirms that he will play Lt. Templeton 'Faceman' Peck in the new A-Team movie. Bradley Cooper confirms 'A-Team' role Liam Neeson is in talks to play Col. John "Hannibal" Smith in Fox's big screen remake of The A-Team. Neeson eyes 'A-Team' Hannibal role Bradley Cooper dismisses rumours that he has been cast in the upcoming A-Team movie. Cooper dismisses 'A-Team' rumours DS picks its dream cast for the big screen remake of popular '80s TV show The A-Team. DS Fantasies: The new 'A-Team' Bradley Cooper is allegedly cast as Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck in the A-Team movie. Cooper is 'Faceman' in 'A-Team' remake? Chris Pine admits that he would love a role in the upcoming A-Team movie. Chris Pine lobbying for 'A-Team' role Ridley and Tony Scott and Joe Carnahan join Fox's movie adaptation of The A-Team. Scotts, Carnahan join 'The A-Team' Tyrese Gibson says he will play BA Baracus in John Singleton's big screen version of The A-Team. Tyrese playing BA Baracus in 'A-Team'?