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Paul Weller criticises 'nostalgic' Lydon

Paul Weller criticises 'nostalgic' Lydon

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Paul Weller has claimed that John Lydon is now the "antithesis" of his Johnny Rotten persona.

The former Jam frontman admitted that he cannot understand why Lydon agreed to appear on reality shows like I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!.

Weller also suggested that Lydon is clinging to the past, following his recent criticism of modern-day music festivals and description of the Sex Pistols as "Britain's finest".

"I don't really understand him anymore," Weller explained. "He's become the antithesis of what he once was. Does he need the money?

"Perhaps he misses the adulation, the buzz. Nostalgia has become a whole industry in itself... and I don't like it. You can never recapture what has gone."
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