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Arctic Monkeys plan foul-mouthed EP

Arctic Monkeys are planning to release an EP containing a foul-mouthed new song that no radio station will play.

The five-track CD will consist of album track View from the Afternoon as well as four new songs, including Who The F*** Are The Arctic Monkeys?

"It's a poke at the fact that everyone on the planet has heard of them and that the backlash is bound to start soon," an insider told the Daily Star. "By calling it this, they've sort of nipped it in the bud and shown that they're not taking all the hype seriously.

"And since they made their name on the internet - and that got them a No.1 single and album - they don't care if they don't get radio play."

A spokesperson added, "They had new songs that they wanted to get out there, but it's far too early to even start talking about another album yet. So here's the EP in the meantime."
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