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Chris Brown releases 'Turn Up The Music' new video preview - watch

Chris Brown has unveiled a behind-the-scenes look at his new music video.

The singer will release 'Turn Up The Music' as the lead single from his forthcoming album Fortune, which is due out next month.

Chris Brown, The Grammys

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The preview video sees Brown performing intense choreography in a club setting with a group of ten fellow dancers, as well as enacting a complex dance routine in the rain.

Brown has taken directorial control of his latest video, which also sees a range of party-goers dancing with animal masks on.

The star won a Grammy Award for 'Best R&B Album' on Sunday (February 12) and faced a large amount of criticism from fellow celebrities and the general public on Twitter.

'Turn Up The Music' is available to download now in the US and in the UK on March 26.

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Watch a behind-the-scenes look at Chris Brown's 'Turn Up The Music' video below:

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