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Robbie removes insulting lyrics from album

Robbie Williams has removed insulting lyrics about his former manager from new album Rudebox.

The singer was facing legal action after it emerged that he accused Nigel Martin-Smith of ripping him off during his Take That days in a track called The 90s.

"Nigel always had a feeling Robbie could be problematic and he kept every detail of how much each was paid and when," a source told The Mirror. "The label knew this and did the sensible thing in insisting that any defamatory lyrics were immediately removed from the Rudebox album.

"Otherwise Nigel was going to seek an injunction to stop its release. He's put up with Robbie slagging him off for years and he's had enough."

However Robbie's refusal to publicly retract his original claims may mean that the matter has yet to be settled.

The insider added: "Details of the original lyrics have leaked. Robbie even mouthed them on stage at a recent gig. It might be funny for him but for Nigel, who still works in the music industry, questioning his credibility is a serious issue."
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