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50 Cent wants Tulisa collaboration: "She is real, she is talented"

50 Cent has revealed that he would like to work with Tulisa Contostavlos.

The US rapper admitted that he has kept an eye on the UK singer since her appointment on The X Factor panel last year and likes her backstory.

50 Cent arrives at the Billboard Awards 2011

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British singer {TULISA CONTOSTAVLOS} has blasted her ex-boyfriend after he admitted leaking a sex tape of the star, telling him, "You messed with the wrong woman."
The N-Dubz star was left devastated in March (12) when footage of her performing a sex act on her former lover Justin Edwards circulated on the internet.
She launched legal action to prove she had not released the clip herself, and on Monday (09Jul12), London's High Court heard Edwards admit he was behind the leak.
At the conclusion of the case on Thursday (12Jul12), Contostavlos insisted she had "learned" from the experience and wants to put it behind her.
Speaking outside court, she said, "I am relieved that this is finally over. It has been a very testing few months and this was not a case I ever wanted to go through. Justin Edwards' actions were to spite me, make money, and ruin my career. He has succeeded in none of these things.
"I stand here today a stronger, wiser young woman who has taken this experience and learned from it. I am disgusted by Justin and saddened by the people who believed I released the footage myself. Today, the truth has prevailed. I would now like to draw a line under this and put it in the past.
"I would also like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, the fans that (sic) stood by me. I am especially grateful for all the support I have received from the public, my friends, family and team. With that support, and my determination, I have won the battle. This time, Justin messed with the wrong woman."
Contostavlos, who turns 24 on Friday (13Jul12), said she plans to celebrate by jetting out to Mediterranean party island Ibiza, adding, "I am really happy that the truth is finally out. It's a fresh start for me today. It's my birthday at 12 o'clock tonight, so a fresh start... I'm looking forward to the future... (I will be) celebrating - I'm off to Ibiza."Tulisa Contostavlos
leaving the High Court
London, England - 12.07.12
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"She had it tough and she has also been through some s**t recently as well," 50 Cent is quoted as saying. "I love how she has handled that by flipping the bird to that guy who sold her out.

"I only work with people who've got a story to tell. You get a lot of wannabes writing lyrics about their tough upbringing. The reality is the closest they have ever come to any of that is watching Boyz N The Hood.

"I've been watching and reading about Tulisa since she got the role on the UK X Factor and my girl is no wannabe. She is real, she is talented, and the sort of person I want to be creating music."

50 Cent - who launched his SMS Audio range in the UK last week - recently told Digital Spy that he is "excited" about his new album Street King Immortal.

Watch 50 Cent's interview with DS below:

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