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Duffy: 'Stepping Stone'

Duffy: 'Stepping Stone'
Released on Monday, Sep 1 2008

Six months on from the release of her debut album, Rockferry, and Duffy now seems to be a cosy fixture in the pop landscape. Winehouse and Doherty may continue to grab the headlines, but the cute Welsh warbler has outsold all competitors this year, bagged a Mojo Award and won over crowds at Glastonbury and V. She may not be the most fascinating of popstars, but she's definitely effective.

'Stepping Stone' - single number four from the album - is her weakest to date and plays into the hands of critics who brand her music "coffee table soul". While it has the same moody, Bacharach-esque production as 'Warwick Avenue', it lacks the heart-melting chorus which made the former a triumph. Duffy's honey-soaked Welsh rasp is as gorgeous as ever, but as this track meanders past the three minute mark you'll probably need a quick nudge to keep you awake.

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