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Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull: 'On The Floor'

Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - 'On The Floor'
Released on Sunday, Mar 6 2011

Jennifer Lopez needs a hit. Yes, we know she's currently perching her shapely posterior on a prestigious AmIdol judges' pew, but she hasn't brought home the Jamon Iberico at the box office since 2005's Monster-In-Law and it's about as long since she bothered the top ten on either side of the Atlantic.

To that end, she's recruited knob-twiddler-du-jour RedOne and ever-willing rhymesmith Pitbull - well, she never was a trend-setter, was she? - for her first single on new label Island. Built around a subtle-as-Sue-Sylvester 'Lambada' sample, 'On The Floor' is a Latin-tinged electro-housey party tune that the Peas would be proud to call their own - truth be told, Jen should probably have left the "getting ill on the floor" shizzle to Fergie-Fergs. The result is the antithesis of classy, and it sure ain't original, but there's no denying that this gets the job done. J.Lo, it's good to have you back.

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