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Green Day: 'Dos!' - Album review

Released on Monday, Nov 12 2012

Green Day's ¬°Dos! album cover

© Green Day

The hardest part of a trilogy is often the middle instalment. Sometimes the added pressure results in it being the best piece of work, while other times its sole purpose as a continuation leaves it feeling incomplete in its own entity. Green Day began their trio of new albums with bombast and ambition on Uno!, but does follow-up Dos! keep up the same thrilling pace?

The melancholy loneliness of Billie Joe Armstrong on album opener 'See You Tonight' begins proceedings with a slower stride than expected, but just over a minute later 'F**k Time' bundles in with pounding beats, jive guitar riffs and a '50s-flecked sing-along chorus. The record's proper firestarter is packed full of rock 'n' roll prowess and tongue-in-cheek lyrics the threesome have built a successful career on.

Green Day march through the remainder of the album with pacey, '90s garage-rock anthems, including 'Stop When The Red Lights Flash' and 'Makeout Party' - bringing together stadium-ready guitar riffs and crowd-pleasing chants. New single 'Stray Heart' bops along with retro bounce, while 'Wild One' is a swaying ode to a girl who "gave up on Jesus, for living on Venus".

Save for snooze-inducing 'Nightlife', Dos! remains tenacious, witty and focussed throughout. Ear-snagging melodies, Billie Joe's punk-pop, American twang and some blowout moments that are crying out for a festival crowd make it another solid collection. More importantly, it serves its purpose of keeping us suitably excited for the final chapter.

Tracks to download: 'Stray Heart', 'F**k Time', 'Makeout Party'
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Listen to Green Day's new single 'Stray Heart' below:

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