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Rizzle Kicks: 'Lost Generation' - Single review

Released on Sunday, Aug 25 2013

Rizzle Kicks 'Lost Generation' artwork
After successfully establishing themselves as a group who aren't afraid of telling it how it is, Rizzle Kicks have painted a rather bleak picture of today's yoof on their latest track. On paper it sounds like career suicide, but as always they pull it off with their razor-sharp lyrics and take-it-or-leave-it attitude.

"Hashtag trends, we make people go clap clap yeah," they quip over a plodding hip-hop brass section, before having a pop at Jeremy Kyle, John Terry and fellow popstars who buy YouTube views. "Why is everybody so PC?/ It's not my fault if you take offence," they conclude - and if we're honest, we couldn't agree more.

Watch the 'Lost Generation' music video below:

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