Spice Girls Reunited

Judy Craymer reportedly agrees to rework the script for its New York opening. Spice Girls musical to be rewritten? Australian station 2DayFM claimed the Spice Girls will tour Australia in 2014. Victoria Beckham denies Spice Girls tour The group are said to be together in preparation for a London 2012 set. Spice Girls 'rehearsing for Olympics' Spice Girls star has reportedly given organisers a list of demands. Mel B 'making demands for Olympics gig' Star says that reasoning with her 3-year-old daughter Scarlett is tough. Mel C: 'Being a mum is hard work' Geri Halliwell says she has "huge admiration" for fellow Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. Halliwell full of admiration for Posh Mel C admits that she feels relieved to have reached the end of the Spice Girls tour. Mel C relieved Spice Girls tour is over Spice Girl Mel C says there was no band in-fighting during their reunion tour. Melanie C denies Spice Girls rift The Spice Girls perform the last gig in their reunion tour in front of thousands of fans in Toronto. Spice Girls wrap up reunion tour Melanie Chisholm is preparing to release her fourth solo album in America. Mel C prepares solo album for US release Geri Halliwell claims she has mixed feelings about ending the Spice Girls reunion tour. Geri has mixed feelings over Spice tour Cruz Beckham breakdances at the Spice Girls' gig at Madison Square Garden in New York. Cruz Beckham performs at Spice Girls gig The Spice Girls say they would love to perform at Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday celebrations. Spice Girls would 'love' Mandela gig Mel B hits out at rumours that the Spices Girl cut short their reunion tour because of arguments. Mel B hits out at tour rift rumours Geri Halliwell says she can't see the Spice Girls ever touring again. Halliwell: 'Tour won't happen ever again' Organisers want the Spice Girls to perform at Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday celebrations. Spice Girls for Mandela birthday gig? Mel B admits that she was a "bitch" to Geri Halliwell when the Spice Girls were first together. Mel B: 'I was a bitch to Geri' Victoria Beckham is the only Spice Girl absent from Mel C's solo gig in New York. Posh avoids Mel C solo show A report claims that the Spice Girls rowed as they filmed a video message for their fans. Spice Girls 'rowed over apology video' Geri Halliwell is unhappy on the Spice Girls reunion tour because she feels lonely, say reports. Geri 'felt lonely on Spice Girl tour' The Spice Girls are refusing to stay in the same hotels and are constantly rowing, say reports. Spices 'refuse to stay in same hotel' Victoria Beckham's eldest son Brooklyn has fallen for Emma Bunton, according to reports. Brooklyn 'has crush on Baby Spice' Victoria Beckham says the Spice Girls' curtailed reunion tour will be their last. Beckham rules out another Spice return The Spice Girls announce that their reunion tour will end early. Spice Girls cut reunion tour short The Spice Girls want George Clooney to take Geri on a date after he sang her praises her last week. Spice Girls urge Clooney to date Geri The Spice Girls reportedly make around £10 million each from their concerts at London's O2 Arena. Spice Girls 'earned £10 million each' Victoria Beckham and the other Spice Girls say a prayer before they go on stage each night. Posh prays for concert success George Clooney reveals that he finds Spice Girl Geri Halliwell "inspirational". Clooney sings Geri Halliwell's praises Mel B is to make a guest appearance on Al Murray's Happy Hour later this month. Mel B lined up for Al Murray show Tickets for the Spice Girls reunion tour are being exchanged for less than their face value. Spice tickets sell for less than face value Mel C decides to have laser surgery to remove all ten of her tattoos. Mel C to have tattoos removed Spice Girl Melanie Brown twists her ankle after falling down a flight of stairs while drunk. Mel B twists her ankle in drunken fall Geri Halliwell claims that it is unlikely that the Spice Girls will make a profit from their reunion tour. Geri: 'We won't make profit from tour' The Spice Girls are reportedly offered £2 million each for a tour of Australia. Spices offered £10 million for Aussie tour Posh Spice is reportedly banning a string of celebrity enemies from the Spice Girls' reunion concerts. Posh bans enemies from Spice gigs? Mel C and Geri Halliwell have spoken out about their eating disorders during their rise to fame. Mel C, Geri discuss eating disorders The Spice Girls' reunion concert is as fun as a ruthlessly-planned, expensively-staged arena show can be. Spice Girls @ 02 Arena, January 2 The Spice Girls complain about mobile phone reception problems at the O2 Arena. Spices have phone trouble at O2 Arena The Spice Girls will meet a fan who found Mel B's bracelet when it flew off during a concert. Spice Girls to meet 'honest' fan Designer outfits worth thousands of pounds are stolen from Posh at a Spice Girls concert. Posh's outfits stolen at Spice Girls gig