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Update: Peas, Keri, PSB, Kelly

So, who's rockin' and who's droppin' in today's midweeks?

  • The top three still runs Peas - Dizzee - Agnes.

  • Kasabian's 'Fire' is holding steady in the top five.

  • Keri, Kanye and Ne-Yo's 'Knock You Down' has climbed into the top ten, but Pet Shop Boys' 'Did You See Me Coming' has slipped out since yesterday.

  • Flo Rida's 'Sugar' is a couple of places inside the top 20.

  • Kelly Clarkson's 'I Do Not Hook Up' has finally crept into the top 40, but there's no sign of Solange's 'T.O.N.Y.', The Saturdays' 'Work' or Lady GaGa's 'Paparazzi' yet.

  • Over on the albums chart, Paolo Nutini is duelling Daniel Merriweather for the top spot, with Paul Potts on course to debut in the top ten.

  • Right then, that's your lot until Friday. Any requests?
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