What's Going On In Girls Aloud?

Girls Aloud fans lament Cheryl's decision to unfollow her former bandmate. Cheryl unfollows Nadine on Twitter The singer says she refused to sign the separation contract. Nadine: Girls Aloud split 20 mins before show The singer admits Coyle refused to agree to the Girls Aloud split. Kimberley Walsh: 'Nadine refused split' Highlights of band's career as they announce separation following 'Ten' tour. Girls Aloud split up: Career in pictures Nadine Coyle says the girl group "cried" during rehearsals. Girls Aloud warn fans of "emotional" tour The girl group announces plans to officially release another single. Girls Aloud confirm second new single Popstars: The Rivals, the BRITS, jacuzzis and more. Girls Aloud's career in pictures We give our opinion on the band's comeback track. Girls Aloud's new single: Review The girl group's comeback track gets its official radio premiere. Girls Aloud premiere new single - listen The girl group's rumoured Children in Need song appears online ahead of its premiere. Girls Aloud comeback single leaks online The girl group release a preview of their new single and music video online. Girls Aloud tease new single - watch The singer says that she never wants to split up from her bandmates. Coyle doesn't want Girls Aloud break-up The singer also reveals her first-show mishaps. Cheryl: Girls Aloud coming to see tour The reunited girl group reportedly film a video for their upcoming comeback song. Girls Aloud 'new single out next month' Kimberley Walsh says that Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts will attend live shows. Kimberley Walsh on joining 'Strictly' Girls Aloud star is confirmed for the upcoming season of the reality show. Kimberley Walsh confirmed for 'Strictly' Girls Aloud singer admits to being envious of her bandmate's bottom. Nicola Roberts follows Kimberley's bum The singer possibly hints at the title of a new Girls Aloud track. Cheryl Cole teases Girls Aloud lyrics The producer says he was impressed by Nicola Roberts when working with her. Diplo wants Girls Aloud collaboration The girls are said to have booked 30 dates for their reunion shows. Girls Aloud want Tom Daley for UK tour? Nicola Roberts hints that November will be the month for a Girls Aloud comeback. Girls Aloud plan November celebration The X Factor star says that the girl group are "amazing". Misha B backs Girls Aloud comeback Group to reunite for the special concert in celebration of their tenth anniversary Girls Aloud 'to play Royal Variety 2012' The X Factor finalist talks working with Xenomania. Amelia Lily 'has heard new Girls Aloud' The girl group are still in talks about plans to celebrate their career so far. Girls Aloud unsure over reunion plans? The singer reveals that she will put out a solo record next year. Sarah Harding confirms solo LP next year Kimberley Walsh joins Hugh Dennis, Ashley Jensen and Ashley Walters in All Stars. Kimberley Walsh for new family film The two Girls Aloud stars get together after Cole's Summertime Ball slot. Cheryl Cole reunites with Nadine Coyle The singer explains her reasons for not writing her own material. Cheryl: 'Girls Aloud, Higgins a match' Frankie Sandford says that she would love to see Girls Aloud again. Saturdays excited by Girls Aloud return Xenomania say that they have been in the studio with the girl group this week. Girls Aloud recording new material She says the girls have decided what they want to do for their 10th anniversary. Cheryl: 'Girls Aloud reunion news soon' Singer explains that the band needed a break after relentless touring. Cheryl Cole teases Girls Aloud reunion Cheryl Cole reportedly first visited the house while married to Ashley Cole. Cheryl Cole 'renting £5m London house' The 'Love Machine' band discuss plans for their upcoming reunion tour. Girls Aloud hold reunion with Nadine Louis Walsh responds to Cheryl Cole's angry comments about Girls Aloud earnings. Louis Walsh reacts to Cheryl comments Kimberley Walsh confirms her involvement in the Team GB Olympics single. Kimberley Walsh teases Olympics single Singer says Walsh never got involved with Girls Aloud and just took the money. Cheryl Cole slams ex-boss Louis Walsh The singer says the band are currently discussing new material. Girls Aloud 'will record new album' The band will tour and release new material next year. Girls Aloud reunion confirmed by Nadine