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Gaming Subscribers will still be able to enjoy the benefits until March 2016. EA Sports discontinuing Season Ticket Gaming Developer 4J Studios must resubmit the completed project to the publisher. Minecraft PS4 fails Sony certification Gaming Join Digital Spy as we play an hour of horror game PT. Watch us play all of Silent Hills teaser PT Gaming Jim Ryan explains why Sony isn't in favour of EA's new subscription service. Sony has 'nothing against EA Access' Gaming Sony's Shuhei Yoshida was surprised by Microsoft's announcement at gamescom. Sony hopes for Rise of Tomb Raider on PS4 Gaming Turtle Rock's shooter also named Best Action, PC and Xbox game, and Best Multiplayer. Evolve wins Best of gamescom Award Gaming Sony would rather partner with third parties for console-exclusive content. Sony 'doesn't need Outright PS4 exclusivity' Gaming The Last of Us is the biggest-selling game for July. PS4 outsells Xbox for seventh month in US Gaming Users are not limited on the number of times SharePlay can be used. PS4's SharePlay limited to one-hour sessions Gaming Follow all of Paradox Interactive's gamescom announcements live at 8pm. gamescom: Paradox Interactive live stream Gaming Sony admits that the company will have to move on from remasters eventually. Sony trying not to rehash last gen on PS4 Gaming The PS4 exclusive adapts its horror story based on the decisions and actions of players. Until Dawn has hundreds of ending variations Gaming SharePlay lets users invite friends to play PS4 games they don't own. PS4 SharePlay is 'mini PlayStation Now' Gaming Microsoft's Phil Spencer says that "1080p isn't some mythical, perfect resolution". Is frame rate more important than resolution? Gaming The system that replaces the defensive shield play draws players into combat "like a magnet". Bloodborne gets new health regen system Gaming Both Metal Gear Solid 5 games are coming to Steam for PC. Metal Gear Solid 5 confirmed for PC Gaming Join Digital Spy as we play an hour of Rogue Legacy. Watch us play an hour of Rogue Legacy Gaming The upcoming open-world game will be 'fully exclusive' to PlayStation 4. Watch PS4 exclusive Rime's new trailer Gaming Housemarque unveils a new PS4 exclusive during gamescom 2014. Resogun studio reveals new PS4 exclusive Gaming Share Play is described as a "virtual couch" for PS Plus subscribers. PS4 Share Play coming soon Gaming The device grants users access to more than 1,000 games. PlayStation TV dated for Europe Gaming Sony's streaming service lets customers rent games direct from the online store. PlayStation Now for 2015 in Europe Gaming The upcoming horror game makes its debut next year on PS4. Until Dawn re-revealed via new trailer Gaming The upcoming sci-fi shooter's first expansion is scheduled to launch in December. Destiny multiplayer trailer revealed Gaming The Devil May Cry studio unveils the game via an announcement trailer. Ninja Theory reveals Hellblade for PS4 Gaming Wild is an open-world game in which players control any living creature. Wild unveiled by Rayman creator Michel Ancel Gaming The upcoming PS4 release uses the DualShock 4 in lots of innovative new ways. Tearaway Unfolded announced for PS4 Gaming Sony breaks the 10 million sales barrier in just nine months. PS4 sells 10 million units worldwide Gaming DayZ developer Dean Hall confirms a PS4 version of the game is in the works. DayZ announced for PS4 at gamescom 2014 Gaming The new video looks at Snake as he uses a cardboard box as a disguise.  Watch Metal Gear Solid 5's new trailer