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Gay Spy: See Alex Pettyfer's wet and wild naked birthday

Alex Pettyfer relived his role in Magic Mike - and added a dash of Miley Cyrus - as he stripped off and frolicked with little people at his insane 24th birthday party over the weekend.

Alex Pettyfer celebrates his birthday at Beacher's Madhouse in Las Vegas

© Getty Images / Bryan Steffy

The actor entertained guests by ripping off his clothes and smothering himself in whipped cream on stage at the event in Las Vegas, before getting up close with a similarly-naked overweight performer and a dwarf in Cyrus's VMAs teddy bear outfit.

Alex Pettyfer celebrates his birthday at Beacher's Madhouse in Las Vegas

© Getty Images / Bryan Steffy

Alex Pettyfer celebrates his birthday at Beacher's Madhouse in Las Vegas

© Getty Images / Bryan Steffy

We're not sure if these pictures are hot or disturbing, but they're certainly eye-catching!

The Endless Love star threw another birthday party at the Skybar in Los Angeles last week, and at one point, Pettyfer was pushed into a pool by his mates, emerging in an impossibly clingy shirt. It may be your birthday, Alex, but we're the ones celebrating!

And by the way, his mates are pretty easy on the eyes too!

Pettyfer recently signed on to play a gay action hero in the new movie from The Butler director Lee Daniels.

He is also reportedly being considered for a role in Star Wars: Episode VII.
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Zac Efron or Calvin Harris - which of Rita Ora's men is hotter?

Last night at the MTV Movie Awards, Rita Ora did what any of us would when stood next to Zac Efron in a loosely buttoned shirt - she ripped it the heck off, exposing his mighty abs to the world.

Rita Ora rips Zac Efron's shirt off during MTV Movie Awards

© Getty Images

It's probably fair now to describe Rita as the luckiest girl in the world - not only did she get to strip Zac, but she gets to cuddle up to her muscly musician boyfriend Calvin Harris every night of the week as well. Honestly, her fellas are both so darn hot that we couldn't possibly choose between them...but that's what we're making you do!

Scroll down for some visual reminders of what makes Zac and Calvin so great, and vote for your favourite hunk in our poll at the bottom of the page...

We all know Zac has a darn impressive body...
Zac Efron

© Rex Features

And it's enough to make the most gorgeous women in the world swoon...
Jessica Alba, Zac Efron & Rita Ora at the MTV Movie Awards 2014

© Getty Images / Christopher Polk

Jessica Alba and Rita Ora with Zac at the MTV Movie Awards

When it comes to movies, he's okay getting his torso out...
Zac Efron in Neighbours

From 'Neighbours'

And his arms out...
Matthew McConaughey and Zac Efron in The Paperboy

From 'The Paperboy'

And his bum out...
Zac Efton naked in 'That Awkward Moment'

From 'That Awkward Moment'

He's really, really cool. Here he is looking hard as nails getting a tattoo...
Zac Efron Getting a New Tattoo, Los Angeles

© Rex Features / Beverly News

And just look at how slick he puts on his shades...
Zac Efron exits the 'The Paperboy' photocall at Cannes Film Festival in 2012

© Getty Images / Venturelli/WireImage

He'll get a guitar and serenade you on your birthday...

And, most importantly, he's safe...

And as for Calvin, well, he's just as buff as Zac...

He's Instagrammed the experience of going to bed with him, so you can live out your fantasies in just a few clicks...

He's got a bit of a sexy, grumpy edge...

But can also act all sweet and cute...

And he doesn't mind getting the shopping in...
Calvin Harris at Rita Ora Birthday Party at the Box Club, London, Britain - 26 Nov 2013

© REX/Rotello

He's got lovely arms...
Calvin Harris onstage at Coachella Festival 2014

© Getty Images / Kevin Winter

And luxury cars to display next to said arms...

And he doesn't scrub up too bad either...
Calvin Harris

© Getty Images / Lester Cohen/WireImage

So, who's hotter? Zac Efron or Calvin Harris?
Zac Efron69.34%
Calvin Harris30.66%
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Gay Spy

Gay Spy: Red hot Greg Rutherford nude - 'I still don't think I'm sexy'

Gold post boxes were a lovely way to celebrate Team GB's London 2012 gold medalists, but if Gay Spy had our way, we'd campaign for a statue of a naked Greg Rutherford to be erected in his hometown of Milton Keynes instead.

We suggest this because the ginger fitster's just appeared naked in Cosmopolitan, pulling a sexy, strong, almost statuesque pose (there's even a plinth!), and we reckon it's the kind of thing that people would travel from far and wide to see!

Greg Rutherford poses naked for Cosmopolitan

© Cosmopolitan / Antonio Petronzio

Incredibly, though, Greg still claims that he's got a lot of "body hang-ups", and for a long time was insecure about his flaming hot locks. Read More...
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Gay Spy

Gay Spy: Dancing on Ice, 'Enders Matt Lapinskas hangs out in the nude

Dancing on Ice's final all-star series was great and all, but you know what it could have used? Matt Lapinskas!

The former EastEnders actor, who finished second to Beth Tweddle in the 2013 contest, might have given us the most scantily-clad Dancing on Ice performance ever, if this Twitter snap is anything to go by.

Matt Lapinskas naked

© Twitter / Brianne Delcourt

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Gay Spy

Gay Spy: Watch One Direction strip off, talk dirty for Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo's 'Talk Dirty' is already one of the sexiest (not to mention most irritatingly catchy) songs in recent memory, but now that it's got added One Direction nudity, it's even hotter!

The R&B star yesterday (March 12) released a new video featuring a bunch of celebrities lip-syncing and dancing to his number one hit.

Niall Horan Jason Derulo

© YouTube / Jason Derulo

Niall Horan and Harry Styles in Jason Derulo's video

© YouTube / Jason Derulo

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