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We wanted to post these shots of Nico Mirallegro in Upstairs Downstairs with the other one a couple of weeks back and definitely didn't accidentally whack them up for an hour or so before someone kindly informed us that we'd just broken embargo and recommended we remove them forthwith. Anyway, this is Gay Spy and not Jackanory, so here you go. More shirtless Nico in Upstairs Downstairs.

Nico Mirallegro

© BBC/Nick Wall

Nico Mirallegro

© BBC/Nick Wall

(Sorry Auntie. You have our word it won't happen again.)

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Well, to be precise, Grass-stained/Pretty Damn Fit, but that wasn't a song title. Anyway, here's England rugby stud Chris Robshaw with his top off.

England's Chris Robshaw

© PA Images / Lynne Cameron/PA Archive


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Gay Spy

Olá Cristiano!

It's been a while since Gay Spy featured Cristiano Ronaldo - he never writes, he never calls - but we're sure you'll welcome him back in the customary fashion.

Cristiano Ronaldo

© PA Images

"OMFG I SO WOULD YOU KNOW!!!" (Or something of that ilk.)

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