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"This is the first time I've been c*ck-socked."

By , Production Manager and
Oh don't blame us - it was Lucien Laviscount wot said it, honest. That's just the sort of thing that happens when Gay Spy gets invited to a Gay Times nudey shoot...

If you fancy playing a game of Spot The C*ck Sock, just pick up a copy of the new Gay Times and prepare to polish your monocle.

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Gay Spy

Who wants to see Andrew Hayden-Smith in the buff?

By , Production Manager and
Yeah, we thought you might...

@GaySpy @GayTimesMag @AndrewHaydSmith #gay4hayden LET'S GET IT TRENDING.

Oh, and we've told you once but we'll tell you again - there's a big shiny picture of Andrew with his clobber off in the new issue of Gay Times, on sale now.

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Gay Spy

What JT calls "The Nekkid Issue"

That's right, we all enjoyed the last Naked Issue so much that the kind folks at Gay Times have decided to make lightning strike twice. IN YOUR PANTS.

Ahem... Anyway, here's the suddy wonderful cover featuring Two Pints / Harry Potter actor Freddie Hogan.

Nikk Mager and Andrew Hayden-Smith

© Gay Times

And here's Nikk "Friend of Cheryl" Mager from inside.

Nikk Mager and Andrew Hayden-Smith

© Gay Times

Finally, here's a link to the GT website so you can find out how to get your mitts on this essential piece of homo lifestyle paraphernalia.

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