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Gay Spy: Who knew Kelly Brook joining Tumblr could be this exciting?

Kelly Brook has signed up to Tumblr, and in order to make sure we all know this, she's shared some pictures of her boyfriend Thom Evans.

He's already shown that he enjoys taking to the catwalk in his kilt, but it's clear that the former Scottish international rugby union player is still keen to show off that ripped chest.

Thom Evans poses for girlfriend Kelly Brook in a Tumblr image

Kelly Brook pictured with her boyfriend Thom Evans on Tumblr
Kelly Brook posts picture of boyfriend Thom Evans on Tumblr

Yes, you may have noticed, that is indeed Kelly in one of those pictures. She didn't deserve to be cut out after so kindly sharing these with us.

So to conclude, Kelly Brook's Tumblr might be worth following.
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