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Paul Burrell 'helps out in family shop'

Paul Burrell 'helps out in family shop'
Paul Burrell has started working behind the counter at a flower shop owned by his family, a report claims.

The former royal butler recently returned from his home in Florida to help out with the family business, located in Farndon, Cheshire, according to the Daily Express.

One local told the newspaper: "It's strange to see Paul back after all the money he's made. He's made it clear he prefers America where he gets a nicer reception.

"But he clearly feels the need to help out with the family business as he hasn't exactly been hands-on in recent years."

Meanwhile, it is believed that Burrell and his wife Maria have been struggling to sell their Georgian home in Farndon.

An insider added: "It seems Paul can't leave England behind. With the house for sale and the family business still up and running he may have to come back more than he would like."
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