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Ex Bee Gee buys Johnny Cash's home

Ex Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb has bought the Tennessee lakeside residence of the late Johnny Cash and his wife.

Robert Sullivan, a trustee of the Cash estate, revealed that the property was bought for $2.5 million by the '70s star. In a news release he quoted Gibb as saying that he and his wife had "fallen in love with" the building on first sight.

"This place will always be the spiritual home for the Cashes. My wife, Linda, and I are determined to preserve it to honour their memory," Gibb is quoted as saying. "It's an incredible honour for us. We plan to use the home to write songs because of the musical inspiration."

Johnny and June Cash both died in 2003 a few months apart and the house has been empty since then. It initially went on the market at $2.9 million but later dropped to $2.5 million.
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