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Eric Clapton hits out at Coldplay and U2

Eric Clapton disapproves of bands like U2 and Coldplay as they seem to put their fame before their music.

The 61-year-old guitar legend told The Times: "Right now, the power of music sits with Simon Cowell and Coldplay and U2, who are really people who just attend awards shows.

"From just listening I can't tell the difference between Coldplay and U2. The one in Coldplay even dances like Bono."

Clapton said that he's also worried that modern bands are forgetting where rock and roll has come from.

He said: "I think what it shows is how incredibly detached all the current stuff is from its roots. What worries me about what's going on now is that people don't know where it's all come from, and I don't suppose they're that interested."
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