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Sharing site returns after police raid

A Swedish music and film sharing website has returned to the internet after being taken down in a police raid.

Hundreds took to the streets of capital Stockholm to protest following the seizure of computers in 10 separate raids.

It was available again by Saturday, three days later. Fredrik Neij, one of the site's organisers, said it had moved to the Netherlands and had backup elsewhere.

Another spokesman, Tobias Andersson, commented: "We want an apology from the police and from the Justice Ministry, and we want our servers back."

He added: "It will be much stronger now. If police shut down a site, these other sites will be there to keep Pirate Bay working."

The conflict between the website and the entertainment industry – now apparently backed by police – has dominated the Swedish media since the raids. The Pirate Bay does not hold songs or films itself which, some say, makes it innocent. Others think it is liable for aiding piracy.

Three organisers were arrested and, although now released, may still be charged.
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