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Kirstie Alley threatens lawsuit over bulimia allegations

Kirstie Alley


Kirstie Alley has denied allegations that she is suffering from bulimia.

Sources close to the star claim in a new tabloid article that Alley lost more than 100lbs after developing an eating disorder.

Alley has now threatened legal action over the claims, tweeting: "Soo.. heard that the [National] Enquirer is running with a story that Im bulemic …lol..JEEZ!!! 'sources' JEEZ.. never hurled a meal in my life..JEEZ…

"Im REALLY commited [to dieting] and strong willed…If I was bulemic I can assure U I would be a size zero… I smell a big ole lawsuit.. do U?? …Enquirer, Im coming for u this time..get ready!! (sic)"

Alley also accused the tabloid of sensationalising a "serious" disorder like bulimia just to increase profits.

She added: "Bulemmia, is a serious sitiation not to be taken lightly.. it can cause death..this accusation is degrading 2 those who from suffer it."

Alley previously said that losing 100lbs is a milestone that she's looked forward to for a long time.

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