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'Saved By The Bell' star in sex tape shock

'Saved By The Bell' star in sex tape shock
Former Saved by The Bell star Dustin Diamond features in a 40 minute home video romping with two women, according to reports.

But rather than seek a ban, the sex tape could be welcomed by cash-strapped Diamond, who will be aware of the effect such a video had on the career of Paris Hilton and Tommy Lee.

Diamond's agent Roger Paul apparently told the New York Daily News: "I haven't seen the tape. I've heard rumours. Dustin has been trying to escape the 'Screech' typecast. So this may help me get more bookings."

29-year-old Diamond, who played Samuel 'Screech' Powers in the hit teen show, has suffered well-reported financial difficulties in recent years and has been fighting to save his home from reposession by selling autographed t-shirts online. He has recently been plying his trade as a stand-up comic.

The New York Daily News has reported that agent David Hans Schmidt has snapped the rights and is currently seeking a distributor for Saved By The Smell - the sex tape's working title.

Schmidt told the 'paper: "Just when you think you have seen everything in this business, mankind has raised the bar another notch. Or lowered it."
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