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Frankie Boyle on Tom Daley row: 'Complain from phones made by slaves'

Frankie Boyle has weighed in on the Tom Daley Twitter abuse controversy, condemning the misplaced priorities of those expressing their shock "on an iPhone made by a slave".

London 2012 athlete Daley was attacked by a user on the site following his fourth place finish in the synchronised diving yesterday (July 30), resulting in the 17-year-old individual's arrest.

Tom Daley, diving, London 2012

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Frankie Boyle on Stage

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Boyle has since taken to Twitter himself and challenged whether the response to the 18-year-old Olympian being targeted is justified.

"You're telling everyone how shocked you are by a teenager's twitter feed on an iPhone that was made by a slave who wants to commit suicide," he wrote.

"You can troll Tom Daley's diving partner [Pete Waterfield] and nobody'll give a f**k."

Boyle commented again on the furore later, writing: "Imagine Tom Daley stopped mid-dive and just hovered in the air, giving some mad speech about the Rise of the Supermen to a terrified crowd."

The former Mock The Week comedian has already caused outrage during London 2012 after describing Team GB swimmer Rebecca Adlington as "possessing a dolphin's face".

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