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Millie Mackintosh models new Season VIP Lipsy collection - pictures

Millie Mackintosh has modelled the new season VIP Collection from Lipsy.

After her turn wearing the spring/summer range, the Made in Chelsea star returns to the brand to launch its new autumn/winter 2012 designs.

Millie Mackintosh models for Lipsy

© Lipsy

"I love fashion and enjoy modelling, and was overwhelmed with the response to my last campaign for Lipsy, "Mackintosh said.

"The VIP range makes the job feel easy - as soon as you put on any of the dresses, you feel instantly glamorous!

Mille Mackintosh models for Lipsy

© Lipsy

"So much work goes into these designs to give them a sense of the bespoke and so you can't help but feel great - you couldn't have a bad night out in a Lipsy VIP dress!"

The collection launches in-store and online today (August 7) and prices range from £90 to £140.

Millie Mackintosh for Lipsy

© Lipsy

The autumn/winter range adds 18 new styles featuring beadwork, tulle appliqué and jewel embellishment.

Mackintosh's favourite new design is a contrast vintage cream prom-style mini dress with sequined bustier and full kick skirt.

Mille Mackintosh models for Lipsy

© Lipsy

Other clothes in the range are a full length all-over midnight black sequin gown with thigh length leg split, floor-length halter dress with ruched bust and bejewelled satin detail, knee length asymmetric mink cocktail dress with chiffon overlay and appliqué flowers.

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