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Kate Winslet hides fame from her kids

Kate Winslet has revealed that she doesn't want her children to know that she is famous.

Along with her director husband Sam Mendes, the actress has gone to extreme lengths to ensure that her kids are only aware of her voice-over role for a rat in animated film Flushed Away.

"My son is three next month. I want to stand still and just be a mum. My kids don't understand the reality of Hollywood life," she told the Sunday Mirror. "I want them to come to understand it in their own way, when I feel they're ready.

"They just think Mummy's job is making the voice of a rat in a film and that's perfect. They don't watch me on TV. If I'm on a talk show I'll tell Sam to turn the telly off. We don't even have magazines in the house. If we're walking down the street and I see myself on a movie poster, I'll turn round and walk the other way."
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