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'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood: 'I know I can be better'

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood after being arrested on domestic battery and child neglect charges

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Amber Portwood has vowed to turn her life around when she is released from prison.

The Teen Mom star is currently serving a five-year sentence after failing to complete a court-ordered rehab programme.

Portwood has now told Dr Drew Pinsky in an interview for MTV that she speaks with her daughter Leah on the telephone but feels like the 3-year-old is "forgetting" about her.

"When I was with [my ex-boyfriend] Gary [Shirley] and Leah, I wasn't part of a family," Portwood said.

"I don't think I was a terrible person - I just know I can be better than what I was. I haven't been there for Leah; that's terrible enough. She needs more and she deserves more."

Portwood, who explained that she is taking classes and working as a dorm porter, added: "I'm trying to do something with my life now. I care about how people think of me. I have a lot to give [and] I have a lot to learn.

"I'll come out of this a better person and a better mom. I was never ready [to be a mom, but] I'm ready now. I've had so many other chances I've screwed up. This is my last chance - you can't go any lower than prison [unless you're faced with] death."

Portwood's final season of Teen Mom recently came to an end on MTV.

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